Why not just try giving them less money?

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are to launch a war on waste, forming a “star chamber” to hold Cabinet ministers to account over government spending.

In a move designed to put pressure on ministers to achieve value for money for billions of pounds of spending on public services, the Prime Minister and the Chancellor will hold monthly meetings with secretaries of state to ensure that they are getting “the best out of the system”.

A 10% cut in budget will concentrate minds.

Hell, 50%.

9 thoughts on “Why not just try giving them less money?”

  1. Someone should send them a boxed set of “Yes, Prime minister” for Christmas. Then they’d understand why we burst out laughing when they come out with this nonsense.

  2. Why does this sound like they want Ministers to spend less of OUR money on US, so that THEY can spend more of OUR money on other people, like foreign aid, illegal immigrants etc?

  3. No doubt there will soon be a call for tender for a massively expensive IT system to support this initiative. One which the NAO will eventually condemn as a massive waste of taxpayer’s money.

  4. No doubt the budget cuts would concentrate minds on the really important things; the staff getting a raise. Nonsense like the services to be provided would be instantly scrapped.

  5. Zero budgeting.

    Tell all departments next year’s budget will be zero, so they have to write an entirely new budget justifying expenditure with clear cost benefit.

    Of course that would require competence.

  6. The wonderful government civil service budget process whereby if you spend under they give you less to spend next year, but if you go over they give you at least the same amount if not more. This leads to managers not spending any money for half the year then at the end of the year trying to find stuff to spend it on so they don’t lose the budget next year. One example would be a replacement program that bought 80% of its equipment in the last 3 months then spent the next 9 months of the new year doing installing etc.
    I’ve been in meetings where the topic of conversation has been what can we spend this money on as we don’t want to lose it, you see a similar behaviour with staff where sick days are considered an allowance and people will ask if you’ve taken your sick days that year.

  7. 10%, 50% cuts and close some to eg Dept of Digital, Culture, Media & Sports, Equalities Commission, DEFRA, Foreign Aid, Everything Greem, Diversity…

  8. @BniC, December 5, 2021 at 4:40 pm

    Spot on, my mother was a teacher and school spent excess budget buying tall metal cupboards and things to fill them with. School then didn’t care if teachers took stuff home for their own use.

    Sick days: head recorded them as happening even if teacher hadn’t taken them

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