Yeah, obviously, I mean innit?

Meat eaters should not pick on my jetsetting lifestyle, says eco-warrior Michaela Strachan
BBC star says critics must stop attacking her for regularly flying between South Africa and Britain for work because she is a vegetarian

Star – which is being generous because who in buggery? – resorts to tu quoque when challenged on hypocrisy. This is the surprised face.

16 thoughts on “Yeah, obviously, I mean innit?”

  1. I’ve never fancied Michaela Stachan.*

    There I’ve said it.

    *Although I saw her in panto in 1990 and she was pretty hot.

  2. So, if I have done this correctly. Average consumption of meat per person per year in the UK = 84kg (this is an overestimate as it is carcass weight, not meat weight). Source: Average CO2 equivalent emissions including methane per kg of meat consumed = 100kg (this is an overestimate as it assumes that all meat consumed is dairy beef herd, which is the highest emission meat category: chicken is one tenth of this). Source: So a significant over-estimate of the CO2 emissions saved from not eating meat is 8,400kg per year. This also assumes that the alternate food sources used have no CO2 equivalent footprint – she better not be compensating with coffee, cheese or chocolate. According to the Guardian, a return flight from LHR to J’burg causes 1,900kg of direct CO2 per passenger (more, of course, if she is not travelling economy) and a further 3,600kg of CO2 equivalents from “significant other warming effects”. Source: So her vegetarianism hardly seems to set off a jet-setting lifestyle. As the Guardian itself says: “How your flight emits as much CO2 as many people do in a year”. Source:

  3. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    How much of that carbon farted out by beef cattle was recently fixed from the atmosphere by the plants they ate?

    Is the emission actually different if you let plants grow and rot, or be eaten by other animals that we don’t eat?

  4. Never mind the cows, what about all the methane farted out by the lentil and bean eaters? After all, aren’t they notorious for the flatulence at both ends?

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