Blimey, surprise here!

There is a rare unanimity in the country this morning. A significant majority think that our prime minister is a liar and that as a result of his own law breaking of laws that his government passed he should resign. Opinion polls suggest that around two thirds of the country are in support of his going. As usual we must both despair and worry about the others.

Turnout was 67% at the last GE. Tories got 43% of the vote. So, more people today think Boris should be PM than thought at the last GE.

That’s a damning blow, isn’t it?

20 thoughts on “Blimey, surprise here!”

  1. You’re comparing voting apples with poll-responding oranges and coming to an indefensible conclusion.

    But training is available.

  2. ‘As usual we must despair and worry about the others’

    Let’s try this again:

    ‘There is a rare unanimity in the country this morning. A significant majority think that the authors of the Green New Deal are liars and that as a result of their encouragement of others like IB and XR to break the law they should resign their academic positions. Opinion polls suggest that around two thirds of the country are in support of their going. As usual we must both despair and worry about the others.’

  3. Anybody know what the real agenda is?

    I doubt the majority gives more than 1.5 fucks about Boris Johnson going to a garden party, but I might be wrong – the public has let me down before with its craven obeisance to germ fascism.

    For whatever reason, BoJo seems to be unusually hated by TPTB. Which is weird, because he’s one of them. Cameron, Blair and even Broon didn’t suffer this level of deranged scrutiny over trivia, but the blond boffer has had to put up with his flat being bugged, civil servants trying to reverse his policies while he was on a ventilator in hospital, the crazed media jihad against his advisors, wallpapergate etc. etc.

    What’s it all about, Alfie?

  4. I don’t want Boris to resign, I don’t want him to stay either, I just don’t effing care. The government is completely incompetent in every way and the only alternative would be even worse. Why should I interest myself in politics when I am completely disenfranchised?

  5. It’s all very odd, isn’t it, Steve? I do note, however, that despite his caving in to much of the greenist and virus-panic agenda, we still don’t have compulsory vaccination or “quarantine” camps, and nobody’s professed a desire to “emmerder” the unvaccinated. And he did, more or less, manage to scrabble some kind of recognisable Brexit over the line. By inches.

    Crazy as it seems, I suspect They don’t believe he’s One of Them at all.

  6. What’s it all about, Alfie?

    The establishment is never going to forgive him for winning the referendum, managing to deliver most of a clean Brexit, and then going on to show up the eu with the vaccination programme (whatever you and I might think of taking an experimental drug, the programme itself was a huge success.)

  7. Dennis, Clear-Eyed As Always

    As usual we must both despair and worry about the others.

    No doubt Murphy gave himself a big hug for being so caring and compassionate after he wrote the above.

  8. I’m with Stonyground.

    I’ve gone from:

    The Tories are best


    The Tories are least worst


    They are currently all insufferably shyte, will all make things worse and it makes little difference who is in charge. It’s every man for himself as expecting any government to makes things better is a forlorn hope at present.

  9. Nobody seems to be asking ‘why now?’. Why has it taken the scabrous lying vermin, sorry, the media, 17 months to report this? What’s the agenda? Is Boris planning to hold the media responsible for their lies or something, why do they want rid of him now?

  10. Sam Duncan – yarp, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s something like that. There’s something sinister about how Covid authoritarianism in other countries is rising in inverse proportion to the severity of the disease. Getting pretty tired of the news making David Icke look like the same and reasonable one.

    Dio – Unfortunately the current question is whether you would rather be governed by hypocrites, who knew the 2020 restrictions were utter bollocks but imposed them anyway while ignoring them in private, or by lunatics, who actually believed the 2020 restrictions were justified.

    Hypocritical troughers over mad-eyed True Believers every day of the week. Though the two aren’t mutually exclusive categories. Why is a “conservative” government giving Tony Blair a knighthood instead of the rope, anyway?

    BiW – Yes, people wanted jabs and Boris delivered. I was naive to think the jabs themselves wouldn’t immediately become another extremely gay political wedge issue with demands that the entire population submit to infinity injections, forever, or face ostracophoria.

    For all the terrible damage this worthless government has done, it could always be worse. The tragedy of Boris is that he seems to have decent instincts, but is usually too lazy or frit or desperate to mount his rubber faced wife to stick by them.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    Prof Jonathan Jones gets it spot on

    I’d go further. Those people gnashing and wailing about not being able to be with loved ones when they died or at their funerals need to look at who called for the lockdowns. Boris was happy to follow the plans that were laid down and being followed by Sweden as well.

    It was the public, led by the likes of Peston, Kuenssberg, the Guardian, Pier Morgan and any number of commentators and TV personalities who demanded them at every dammed press conference and on every front page. Well, you all got what you wanted and that was part of the price.

    Boris may have been politically stupid, he may have broken the law, but he’s no hypocrite.

  12. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    In which group do we count the millions of people who did not answer the opinion poll?

    Serious question – here in the Fourth Reich “missing data” has been added to the unvaccinated column to justify the Führer’s campaign against the unwaxxinated. It’s a really old fashioned bullshit trick and needs to stop.

  13. It’s keep pointing out to people here it’s not that they broke the rules but it shows they didn’t believe what they were saying in the first place.
    If they believed it was as deadly/dangerous as they were telling the public they wouldn’t have met in the first place. It’s about how they used fear to drive compliance

  14. Jelly spine is ruining us, but what alternative? The lesson of recent defenstrations seems to be beware the inevitable compromise candidate who emerges. Major, May spring to mind, the latter did immense damage, putting into law the ratchets that are now inevitably being used to screw us over. HM opposition only seem to offer more of the same, faster and harder.

    And yes, a lot of those calling for his head are responsible for the imposition of the insane lockdown rules in the first place. But he was, as PM, ultimately responsible for the country taking that insane path.

    Clearly he’s been unable to comply personally with what he imposed on everyone else, and justice demands he take the hit… Normally that’s career termination, but I’m unconvinced that would be a good outcome for the rest of us given what would replace him. Better perhaps a decent sanction. How about “lose a year’s pay or resign, prime minister” ? That ought to focus his mind somewhat.

  15. Why is a “conservative” government giving Tony Blair a knighthood instead of the rope, anyway?

    No, it’s not the government giving Blair a knighthood, that particular variant is in the personal gift of HMQ. I suspect that now Philip has gone to higher things, Charlie Boy has an undue influence on his Mum.

  16. “There is a rare unanimity in the country this morning. … As usual we must both despair and worry about the others.”

    So, no actual unanimity then. The people are unanimous, except those who don’t agree with Murphy, who will be ignored and then reformed. Grubby little fascist, isn’t he?

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