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Cheap cloggies

The move came after an investigation by Dutch broadcaster NOS revealed VU’s Cross Cultural Human Rights Centre (CCHRC) had received between €250,000 (£210,000) and €300,000 each year from the Chinese institution in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

NOS reported that the CCHRC has used the money to fund a regular newsletter, organise seminars and maintain its website, which has published a number of articles denouncing criticism of China’s human rights record.

A number of academics with ties to CCHRC even visited four cities in the Xinjiang province and concluded there was “definitely no discrimination of Uyghurs or other minorities in the region”.

Would our Holland and the Brabants correspondent care to tell us of the local reaction to this? Pah, what should we expect from academics, cheap or what? Or outrage?

2 thoughts on “Cheap cloggies”

  1. Ummm… Nary a peep. So much I missed that one entirely.


    Ah… Vrije Universiteit and Tom Zwart. That’ll be “Oh, the Humanities!”
    Looks like the Usual Subjects switched from one Communist Party to the next, and stupidly cut out the middleman.

  2. Bloke in the Fourth Reich


    Hasn’t a certain philanthropic trust run by a wealthy, recently divorced alleged acquaintance of Ghislaine managed to buy considerable influence in all of the world’s mainstream media, oops sorry, support diligent and accurate journalism, for similar quantities of money?

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