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It’s entirely true that the Covid situation in Texas isn’t as anyone would like it to be. But to just blame it all on Republicans isn’t worthy of a news outlet. We’d also pass on a little bit of advice to Vox. When your reporting makes the New York Times look like a paragon of objectivity and political party even-handedness then it really is the right time to have a sit-down and a real good think about how you’re “explaining the news”.

At least I didn’t have to read Teen Vogue to do that one.

6 thoughts on “Elsewhere”

  1. This is not to defend what is being done in Texas, nor to recommend what is happening elsewhere. It is though to point out that knee-jerk blaming of a Republican state government doesn’t work.

    Of course it works. People who who write for and who read Vox are staunch Democrat supporters, their ‘journalism’ acts to confirm the things that Democrats believe about Republicans; not to tell the truth.

  2. “a Republican state government that has fought public health officials’ recommendations on masking, vaccine mandates, and business restrictions”

    Which makes

    “Not because of, or because they are doing this or that, just because of Republicans.”

    A bit untrue, given that they out the because of doing this or that directly in the same sentence.

  3. Matthew L

    Hmmm. And the recommendations of these public health officials has always been direct, non-confusing, consistent, correct and competent?

    Hell no.

  4. Not the point, BlokeInTejas. This is specifically about “just because of Republicans” which is not what was said.

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