Fun, fun, rumour

Bloke on Twitter insisted he’d seen Mark Drakeford – First Minister of Wales – in Bristol on NY Eve.

No idea whether that’s true of course. But would be fun if it were. Escaping his own lockdown and all that.

But just think what the deeper message would be. Wales is so terrible that Bristol – Bristol! – is a step up……

8 thoughts on “Fun, fun, rumour”

  1. Well why shouldn’t Drakeford go to Bristol for a nice evening out. He shut all the places down so he in his privileged position which means he’s entitled to a nice evening out has to go elsewhere.

    Plebs are not entitled to a nice evening out so must stay in Wales.

  2. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    Don’t believe a word of it. Drakeford is temperance filth, so the idea of “enjoying” a night out to neo-puritan killjoys like him is to stay in and eat oatcakes.

  3. This is like AOC in the States.

    Home state of New York,relentless rules, with a year and a half of lockdowns, masks, forced jabs and 4th highest on the list of number of USA deaths per million*.
    So, where does she go to see in the New Year? That’s right, the state she has been slagging off for the last year for putting peoples lives in jeopardy by not having mask mandates, forced jabs and lockdowns, Florida.
    Sitting there drinking, MASKLESS, maskless I tell ‘e, in the sunshine with her bloke.

    *Florida = 25th on the same list, BUT with the 2nd oldest (only just – .1% off the top spot) demographic of all US states.

    Hypocrite is too good a word for all these cunts (that’s a much better word).

  4. Anecdotal but having previously lived in Newport I was told New Years it was deserted and there had been a mass exodus to Bristol
    As said above Drakeford is a tee totaller which the hospitality industry has pointed to with his being driven more by the chance to impose temperance policies he could never get away with normally

  5. For visitors from the future, the bloke who posted it, debunked his post shortly after; lambasting the propensity of others for believing any old tripe.

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