I think this is glorious

However, the Winter Olympics has a lower barrier to entry for nations that don’t usually qualify. That allowed Mr Alexander, who has a Jamaican father, to “nerd out” over the International Ski Federations’ database and target the races he competed in.

On Wednesday, he secured qualification for Beijing 2022 by coming seventh in the Cape Verde National Ski Championships in Liechtenstein.

The idea that Cabo Verde – a few hundred thousand people on some volcanic origin islands off Africa – around and about the Equator – has a national ski championship is lovely, That it’s held in Leichtenstein is even better.

It’s the sort of thing that could be a plot point in a follow up to The Mouse that Roared….

6 thoughts on “I think this is glorious”

  1. He’s white British – at least it’s just as genetically and culturally valid to say this this as any claim he is black and Jamaican.
    It’s not really British to scheme your way into elite sports this way though, so we’ll disown him.

  2. jgh, je suis Hongkonger

    Considering the road congestion in Hong Kong, I’m amazed we have a road cycling team. Though one of our 6 (six! SIX!) Olympic medals was in track cycling. (SIX!)

  3. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    jgh, I am bringing my bike next time I come to HK.

    Watched one of your football team’s world cup qualifiers at Happy Valley just over 2 years ago – a rare win for Hong Kong. Sorry they won’t make it.

  4. If this was Hollywood he’d win gold (but only after the apparent gold winner had been disqualified for cheating).

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