Idiot ginger stepchild

A phrase we’ll apparently have to retire:

Equality chief sees red over discrimination against the ginger-haired
Human rights charity boss warns discrimination is ‘particularly acute’ in UK, and rather than being harmless it can have tragic consequences


Bullying people over the colour of their hair was not “harmless banter” but could lead to abuse and suicide, the chief executive of Equalities and Human Rights UK warned.

Chrissy Meleady, who was awarded an MBE in 2000 for her services to children, said that while discrimination against redheads occured worldwide, it was “particulary acute” in the UK.

Ah. Not an equality chief at all. Some post-menopausal bird trying to find something to whine about.

So, we’ll not be retiring the phrase then, fuck it.

15 thoughts on “Idiot ginger stepchild”

  1. So what about bullying people over their skin colour then. Think of all the whinges about those with wicked WHITE skins!!!

    As you’ve guessed, I have a white skin. And of course my hair isn’t red.

  2. So it’s against the law to discriminate or use hateful language about people because of immutable characteristics – except gingers. Got it.

  3. Jonathan, that has always been my bone of contention with regards to ‘abuse’, BLM, taking the knee and all that cobblers.

    Abuse is abuse no matter who it is aimed at and should not be tolerated. But not just for the lucky, protected few, (darkies, Chinks, shirt lifters, rug munchers, ropers, Paddies,), everybody.

    Apparently that makes me a wayciss.

  4. Well, as some may recall, I’ve always had the hots for natural redheads and have now been married to one for over 41 years. Her hair colour is still very much red without a hint of grey, unlike her silver fox hubby. She regularly has people assume that she colours her hair, which she most certainly does not. She has experienced occasional gingerism. At a wedding, a woman, without a filter, at our table was telling a story and mentioned that the subject of the story was a redhead, she then turned to MrsBud and said “mind you, you’re a bit of a ranga yourself”.

  5. Addolff, I suppose it’s because certain groups are likely to get violent when they don’t get the ‘respect’ – i.e grovelling obeisance – they feel entitled to.

  6. And there’s me thinking from the title that this was an article about HR the thingy of whateverittis, married to the lady n!**@r the really fit bird from whatsit.

  7. When I was young and sported sideburns they were largely ginger and looked particularly fine in bright sunlight. Or so various damsels said.

  8. Studies show that being born with red hair is a risk factor for skin cancer.

    It’s one of the many things that make a ginger ail.

  9. Doc: your wife is very fortunate, most of the gingers/redheads I know have lost the colouring by middle age. There’s a scientist/presenter on TV who was a gorgeous redhead years ago, but I saw her on TV the other night and her hair was much paler. I don’t think it was a fashion statement!

  10. The whole thing is absurd.

    The problem is bullying. Bullying someone because they’re a midget, or have red hair, or blue eyes, or a different skin color is just bullying. The details don’t matter.

    Idiot f*wit tw*t.

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