Oh Aye?

A judge in Melbourne has ordered the immediate release of Novak Djokovic from immigration detention after overturning the Australian government’s decision to cancel his visa.

Judge Anthony Kelly said that the decision to cancel the temporary visa should be quashed and the minister for Home Affairs must pay his costs and take “all necessary to steps to release the applicant immediately”.

So it appears that one story of this tale is actually correct. He applied for and was given a visa lawfully.

Hmm, that’s interesting, isn’t it?

19 thoughts on “Oh Aye?”

  1. Er, I don’t think so, no. Rather it seems that the correct process was not followed by the persons who cancelled his visa. I don’t believe it has been established that he qualified for the exemption he was given, but given the collection of clusterfucks involved in telling him he could come, and then trying to revoke it, the judge seems to have sided with the individual over the system.

    So he wins on process, not on law.

  2. Aussie Border Farce have some ‘splainin to do, it seems. Wonder if that’ll get filmed for those shows buried in the nether reaches of UK satellite tv?

  3. As former Labor PM Kevin Rudd says: “If they seriously didn’t want him, why on earth did they give him a visa to fly here?”

    This is a victory for the rule of law, but I suspect a brief one. It is ironic that the current Australian has chosen to take a bit of a stand against China, but then behaved like China towards its citizens.

  4. As Novax has done some work with that nice Mr. Schwabs ‘World Economic Forum’, perhaps this is an indication to the Australian Government who really is in charge. Or vice versa…..

  5. Doesn’t this open the door for anyone to claim right of entry because they can “claim” a positive test confirming them to have had Covid? For example if I wasn’t vaccinated but wanted to go to Australia in 2 weeks all I need to do is report a positive lateral flow test. Should a PCR be needed I would just get a friend with it to take the home test then post it in under my name.

  6. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    The series of clusterfucks hypothesis still points towards this being political actionism. Orders from on high to do this as a distraction from something else, or pour encourager. As opposed to Australia’s border police actually being able to come up with arguable legal justification for their decision.

  7. I had assumed that both the Aussie fascist government and the Serb plonker might be lying. Does the judgement shed any light on that?

  8. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    If the choice is between supporting a fascist government and a plonker I’m on the plonker’s side.

  9. It may not be over yet:

    “Immediately after the ruling, Christopher Tran, a lawyer representing the Australian Government, informed the court that immigration minister Alex Hawke reserves her personal power to remove Djokovic from Australia and said that they are considering a second notice of cancellation”


  10. This farce has been a useful cartoon illustration of what stupid and evil clownshows most western governments have become.

    I see Farage is advocating for the Serb. A bung seems likely.

  11. Never mind Djokovic, what about that Chinese woman behind him in the queue? I bet her suitcase is full of mouldy fruit, rotten meat, birds nest soup and fags.
    (c) ‘Nothing to Declare’

  12. Can’t wait for the very special episode of Neighbours where Harold Bishop gets sent to a Covidtration camp run by Mrs Mangel, while Kylie Minogue and Bouncer plot a daring rescue mission involving a wooden kangaroo. Guest starring Yahoo Serious.

  13. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    I don’t know about wooden kangaroos but thanks for the reminder about Kylie. Definitely a prominent cause of wood in my misspent youth.

  14. Immediately after the ruling, Christopher Tran, a lawyer representing the Australian Government

    If people don’t like him, does he accuse them of being Tranphobic ?

    My coat is here somewhere…

  15. …Christopher Tran, a lawyer representing the Australian Government, informed the court that immigration minister Alex Hawke reserves her personal power to remove Djokovic from Australia …

    Alexander George Hawke (born 9 July 1977) is an Australian Liberal Party politician serving as Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs….(Wikipedia)

    Should we assume that Christopher Tran has misgendered Mr Hawke, or is there some sort of transition-related situation going on? I think we should be told…..

  16. I learnt programming a long time ago, with Fortran. Never realised before it was hiding its true identity: For-Tran(nies). Some of my programs were packaged in different covers – oo err missus.

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