Put not your trust in government

The Government has quietly abandoned a promise to spend millions of pounds in revenue from the sugar tax on fighting childhood obesity.

When the levy on soft drinks was introduced, ministers promised to spend “every penny” on children’s health and wellbeing programmes.

However, the cash has been diverted from specific projects or departments into the Treasury coffers.

Campaigners have accused officials of “breaking promises” and urged them to rethink the decision when young people “desperately” needed help.

They lie, d’ye see?

Govt is doing this the right way of course. Revenue goes into the one pot and is allocated from it. Tax where you can, spend where you need.

If you don’t do this then you end up with situations like California. With vast bureaucracies doing not very much except hang off the teat of dedicated revenue streams. Which is what the campaigners here wanted but didn’t get. Har Har.

8 thoughts on “Put not your trust in government”

  1. Mahybe someone with brains realised that any effective programme which actually reduced childhood obesity would seriously erode the profits of the snacking industry and its hefty contribution to the fiscus?

  2. Given that all governments (and the Treasury) are against hypothecation, wtf would anyone believe a promise to hypothecate?

  3. “Given that all governments (and the Treasury) are against hypothecation, wtf would anyone believe a promise to hypothecate?”

    Because they’re stupid enough to believe that a sugar tax is a good idea in the first place.

  4. Campaigners should be pleased with Bozo’s plans to make British homes much colder in winter. Furthermore, when the little chubsters grow up, the tax burden they will face will make snacks and treats a thing of the past.

  5. Don’t know why the Gov is all defensive over high energy prices and bankrupt suppliers, they should be trumpeting the fact that one of their policies is working.
    If they can get gas/electricity up another 10-30 times, they’ll be well on the way to achieving Net Zero. With heating bills at £30k/month, who cares about emissions, there won’t be any.
    Rejoice. What superb rulers we have.

  6. “Put not your trust in government”

    But let’s have a carbon tax, because governments wouldn’t ever lie about that, would they?

    Canada’s carbon tax is so good they’re going to have another one later this year. But don’t worry, although they’re bypassing the revenue neutral provisions they are “investing” hundreds of billions into green schemes. It’ll be great.

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