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Only free and fair elections in which the loser abides by the result stand between each of us and life at the mercy of a despotic regime – one we had no voice in choosing and one that can freely violate all our rights. So everything is at stake in the peaceful transfer of power from a government that has lost its people’s confidence to its victorious successor. It was that peaceful transfer that Trump and his minions sought to obstruct and almost succeeded in overthrowing when Joe Biden was elected president.

So at which election will the permanent bureaucracy agree to give up its power?

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  1. So like the Dems were wholly gracious in defeat in 2016 and absolutely didn’t suggest that the election was anything but free and fair? Or do anything to ‘resist’ the policy programme of the duly elected President?

    Oh, yeah, that’s different, reasons etc.

  2. Getting the excuses in early for God only knows what machinations are being planned for 2022 and 2024.

    “We had to do it to save the Country”.

  3. Anyone else remember the violent attacks on Trump supporters which started in 2015 and carry on to this day? Or the claims by the Democrats, including Laurence Tribe, of Russia rigging the election? Anyone remember Al Gore trying to sue his way into the Whitehouse in 2000?

    It seems the left have very short, and very selective, memories.


  4. No honest person really believes the 2020 election was fair. Even leaving aside actual at-the-polls fraud, no country in which the mainstream media and the FBI and Justice Department (or local equivalents) have their thumbs, hands, feet, and deadweight arses on the scales so firmly, and so dishonestly, for so long, can be remotely fair.

  5. “one we had no voice in choosing”

    The “we” here is not the collective “we” of an entire electorate but the selective “we” of people who voted the same way as the writer.

  6. I did an analysis on this site after the 2020 election showing that it would take only a total of 50,000 votes across 5 states to change the election results. Fraud in just a couple of precincts would be enough to swing the election.

    Any call for an audit is insurrection. The best way to shut down the Trump crowd would be an audit showing the election was fair. That is curiously resisted for some reason…

  7. A Fox News host discussed – to a crowd of radicalized anti-vaxxers – how they might most appropriately assassinate our nation’s chief epidemiologist with a “kill shot” in “an ambush”.

    The hysteric’s own link shows this to be a preposterous lie. It was journalistic rhetoric; the “ambush” suggested a surprise interview, the “kill shot” suggested a question or questions.

    But then, as we know, Sarah Palin took out a contract on Gabby Giffords.

    These freaks are pathetic. If they weren’t already “floating face down” in their own filth, they should be “taken out”.

  8. America is weird in that when the elected government changes the civil service is replaced as well. In other countries the permanant civil service is called that for a reason.

    I remember being so frustrated when first elected as a city councillor when we took control that the Leader’s Secretariat was the same person who had been the previous regime’s Secretariat. Surely we could fire her and put our own person in? Somebody who hadn’t worked for the other side? And, crucially, would be again working for the other side after we lost control taking along her knowledge of working for our side.

  9. Some of these posts provide outstanding, damming criticisms of the Democrats and their hypocritical behaviour. That though is not the same a defence of Trump; none have been able to offer that.

  10. “That though is not the same a defence of Trump; none have been able to offer that.”

    Why do we need to offer a defence of Trump? His performance speaks for itself as obviously the best president of the 21st century,despite all the obstacles put in his way and the determination of his appointed ministers to thwart him.

  11. America is weird in that when the elected government changes the civil service is replaced as well.

    Citation needed.

    (The spoils system ended in 1893)

  12. Ron Klain is the current “Sir Humphrey”, appointed by Biden on 20th January 2020, replacing the “Sir Humphrey”s appointed by Trump, who replaced the “Sir Humphrey”s appointed by Obama who replaced the “Sir Humphrey”s appointed by Bush who…. The top 4000 posts in the civil service are swept away by incoming administrations, firing the previous administration’s placemen.

    In the UK you get Sir Humphrey and you’re stuck with him.

  13. Five years after the fact, Hillary is hosting a “MasterClass” where she reads what she *would have* said in her acceptance speech had she won in 2016. She’s literally done nothing with her life since that election night, even though she’s had access to a former president, the Clinton Foundation and a rolodex of world leaders and dignitaries with whom to collaborate. Even after the “controlled, peaceful, tolerant” side of the aisle has spent years committing arson, violent physical assault, murder, domestic terrorism, vandalism and theft, she’s still out there fanning the flames on the pundit shows with her “our democracy is at stake” fear mongering.

    What was that again about accepting election results?

    And look, I can accept the premise that Biden received more electoral votes than Trump in 2020, even though the unprecedented censorship and heavy-handed maneuvering of the narrative from the left and it’s tech industry allies sow nothing but suspicion. What I cannot accept is the very concept of Joe Biden receiving the MOST VOTES IN U.S. HISTORY, even more than Obama. Biden’s own handlers don’t believe that bullshit for a second. He somehow flipped FIVE states, some for the first time in decades, despite being so low-energy that he literally trails off and decides not to even finish his sentences (e.g., “Well, anyway…you know the thing, I don’t need to go on about that.”). Trump, in the middle of Butler County, Pennsylvania, was able to gather a crowd of 50,000 the night before the election, while Biden’s speeches were often drowned out by the car horns of a few dozen socially-distanced cars in a field. 80 million votes? Really?

    That said, every morning the left wakes up and thanks God Almighty that, just for one day, a group of Republicans acted like them for the first time. They finally got that one gem, a shoving at the barricades and an aimless meandering through the rotunda, that they could inflate into a PTSD-inducing terrorist attack that was “worse than 9/11.” Look over there, some republicans being angry for a few hours. No fires being set or murders being committed (except that one committed by the Capitol Police) but there’s the gravy train they can keep milking to throw taxpayers and grandmas into solitary confinement. They can ignore a guy with celiac disease who’s now gravely ill because the prison ignores his lawyers request for dietary precautions. They can raid the home of a history teacher in Shaler, PA and confiscate his Lego model of the Capitol, because that must’ve been his way of “casing the joint.” Gaige Grosskreutz pointed an illegally obtained, loaded handgun at a 17-year-old’s head, and Kyle Rittenhouse gets threatened with a life sentence for a year and a half after acting in self-defense. Gaige has has remained and is currently a free man throughout all of this, but simply walk through an already-broken down door and say goodbye to your wife and kids for a while.

    The pundits don’t give a flying fuck about “democracy.” They just want to make sure their guy always wins. It’s a dictatorship when citizens don’t like them, and it’s simply good intentions when they win by force. They just want to win. That’s why they keep saying they need to go after Trump, even after he’s out of office. Because they need to make sure he can’t run again. Because, as they’ve admitted, they’re afraid he might win. People deciding democratically for themselves that the democrats don’t deserve power is not acceptable. The left wants to win at whatever cost.

  14. Ron Klain is the current “Sir Humphrey” . . .

    Klain is not a good example, he’s entirely a political appointee who serves the President. He’s not a civil servant; he hasn’t come up through the ranks of federal agencies.

    The US (sensibly) certainly does swap out agency heads more than the UK, but then they’re often appointees from outside those agencies anyway. This level is the Senior Executive Service, somewhat different to regular civil servants – the Competitive Service. It’s the latter that makes up the bulk of the civil service and that remains in place through changing administrations.

  15. peiorjoepqjr that is brilliant and I agree with every word. Its pretty clear now that all informed observers know that T rump Won, and the elections in 2022 + 2024 may be extremely problematic for the Democrat party.

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