Rapper naming conventions

Two Suspects In The Killing Of Rapper Young Dolph At A Cookie Store Have Been Arrested

I’m actually confused as to which part of this is the name.

Two Suspects in the Killing Of would be a decent enough band name. Have Been Arrested I think is the other part of the sentence from the name. So, conclusion, the name of the rapper is probably Rapper Young Dolph At A Cookie Store, yes?

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  1. I think the rapper’s name is Young Dolph, if I remember correctly from the posters announcing an upcoming (and now cancelled) concert. After the Summer of Love crammed with St. George celebrations, the shooting of this young black man went oddly unremarked. Black lives matter, until they don’t. Black guy shoots black guy, at a cookie store in the hood, ho hum.

    But yes, the headline shows awful grammar. Writing a proper sentence is probably racist, or an emblem of white supremacy, or some such.

  2. There was an Austrian thrash band called “Killed by 9v Batteries” around 2009-10
    They were quite a laugh, I assume that they’ve grown up now.

  3. What surprises me is that his name is actually legible and not-insane. “Young Dolph” could just as well be a nick/stagename for any member of a non-rap band.

    Usually it’s something cobbled together from L33T and TXT with some random stuff thrown in for giggles “authenticity”.

  4. Sounds like a rough and dangerous business.

    Wikipedia has a list of murdered hip-hop artists that runs to 54 entrants and mentions a total of 77 murdered up to 2020 (with three more in the list from 2021). The majority of these are unsolved, so the arrest of someone for Adolph Thornton’s murder is unusual in itself.

  5. I expect Young Dolph dissed someone. By not showing them reeespect. Or making fun of their sneaks. Or something.

    And if that isn’t a justification for shooting someone, I don’t know what is.

  6. I expect Young Dolph dissed someone.

    As a matter of fact, yes he did. Had a feud going with another rapper, or a gangsta, or some such. There was a hit out on him – had his car shot up a few years ago (with him inside I think), but he survived that drive-by. Made an album bragging that bullets weren’t gonna stop him. Then they did. All part of the highly glamourized thug life, and absolutely under BLM’s radar. Not all black lives matter, especially to other black people.

  7. Black lives don’t matter to BLM and its supporters. More unarmed black people were murdered in the BLM/Antifa riots than the police shoot of an average year.

  8. This, it would appear, is the pinnacle of black “culture”. These “rappers” are their Shakespeare’s and Mozart’s.

    The drive by shooting is their version of platonic dialogue.

    Nothing more needs to be said.

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