Sadly, neoliberalism doesn’t pay as well

I only spent that 10 months with a pass to the Palace. I was there as the spy of the neoliberal global order of course. I can tell you though that it didn’t pay as well as this:

Labour MP Barry Gardiner accepted £425,000 in donations from Chinese spy
Call for probe into Christine Lee’s links with Westminster as it is revealed that she made contributions to former shadow cabinet minister

9 thoughts on “Sadly, neoliberalism doesn’t pay as well”

  1. This, and the malevolent influence of China in general, is a much bigger story than BoJo’s parties. Guess which one gets brushed under the carpet by the MSM, BBC in particular.

  2. I can’t imagine that Corbynite, BLM supporting Mr. Gardiner would ever do anything to jeopardise our British way of life.

  3. Indeed Jimmers. However, it is good that more publicity is being given to the malign influence of Fascist China.

    I’m also good with partygate if it gets rid of Bozo the Clown. I don’t give two shits if it’s a BBC/Cummings/Remainers plot as the fat fool’s supporters claim.

  4. @Jimmers, Laura Kuenssberg tweeted all about Covid, Partygate, Prince Andrew, but nothing about this spying issue.

  5. Dear Mr Worstall

    Unless the rules have changed in the last decade, foreign nationals cannot make donations to political parties. Are we to assume this particular spy was a British national and on the electoral register?

    We should be told.


  6. It’s in the grand tradition of the Labour Party except that the money is from China rather than the USSR or East Germany

  7. Funny BoJo decides to go anti-lockdown and suddenly the media has all the stories about rule breaking on a constant drip

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