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New Zealand yoga industry suffers as anti-vax sentiment co-opts wellness industry

People subject to two types of nuttery are likely to adopt a third when it rolls in.

Doing stretching exercises isn’t nuttery, nor is mens sana in corpore sano. But yoga and wellness are. So, when anti-vax rolls in….

Even, put aside those two specifics and think more broadly. Those specifics both see themselves as being part of a counterculture, away from, even opposed to, that capitalism and markets and blah blah over there. So, when there’s some other thing that comes down the pike from that conventional world they’re counter to then…..

If it turned out that avocado and tofu smoothies were the way to make a stock market fortune then they’d all stop drinking avocado and tofu smoothies….

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  1. If the pharma companies want to reach these people, they should make a special “alternative” vaccine that’s packaged differently and called by some vaguely spiritual-sounding name.

    I suggest “Astral-Zen-you-cunt”.

  2. Conversely, one might argue that it doesn’t take a health fetish to prevent one from accepting experimental treatments but it might incline one to decline the role of guineapig.

  3. “People subject to two types of nuttery are likely to adopt a third when it rolls in.”

    I’d hold off on calling those against the covid vaccines nutters if I was you, you might end up looking a bit stupid.

  4. How’s that fourth jab looking ?

    Indeed, these yoga types seemed rather sensible.

    Today’s conspiracy theory is tomorrow’s government policy.

  5. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    “How’s that fourth jab looking ?”

    Much like the annual flu jab, I suspect. You know, offered to those who would be vulnerable.

    What a massive conspiracy. Not.

  6. “People subject to two types of nuttery are likely to adopt a third when it rolls in.”

    This is very disappointing, Tim.

    In January 2021, Pfizer announced that its vaccine would ‘prevent’ Covid. In April, their CEO announced that it had prevented 100% of cases in a South African trial.

    When the AZ vaccine was released, it was available to everyone.

    Same for Moderna.

    We just need to jab the first 15 million most vulnerable and we can ‘cry freedom’.

    Yay! sCiEnCe!

    Since then: I know we said it was mostly the vulnerable, but now everyone needs two doses.

    Then it was: No sorry everyone needs two doses, and a booster.

    Then it was: No sorry everyone needs three doses, and a second booster.

    The Dutch have recently suggested that it will be a six dose kind of thing.

    The CEO of Pfizer says you’re going to have to get used to multiple doses every year, for years.

    And the UK government is forcing the sacking of people who don’t fancy it, and has started the process of imposing ‘vaccine passports’ on the rest of us.

    But hey! Only ‘nutters’ care!

    And it ain’t so bad.

    Sure, you’re losing your job and the freedom to live and go about your business as you have for fucking generations, but look – in Italy they won’t let the unjabbed earn a living!

    In Austria, they’re going to jail and fine ‘refuseniks’!

    The UK government would never do any of that (though it is acting under emergency powers, and is criminalising the right to protest, and going to police conversation on the internet).

    And like I say, only ‘nutters’ care anyway, because the vaccines are really effective… right?

    Ah. Well…

    Not only do the vaccines not ‘prevent’ Covid, nor stop you transmitting the virus, nor getting ill, nor dying, any effectiveness they do offer is now believed to be gone after 10 weeks (and thereafter to have rendered your innate immune system less effective than if you had had no vaccine at all).

    Okay, yeah, but at least it’s totes safe… right?

    AstraZeneca stopped recommending its vaccine for anyone under 20… oops sorry under 30… oops sorry under 40 some time ago.

    Moderna has been withdrawn from a number of countries.

    As for Pfizer, just ‘follow the science’ they (and people like you) say.

    Well, it would be nice.

    But in the US Pfizer is currently in court trying to prevent the release of any of its data to other scientists and the public – which effectively funded the development of the vaccine via vast purchase guarantees, and which is prevented from suing for any injury or death caused by that vaccine under the terms of an agreement it reached with the US government – for the next 75 years.

    Perhaps the most remarkable fact about this court case is that the Federal Drug Administration, which is charged with protecting the American public, has joined the litigation – in support of Pfizer.

    Sure, Pfizer lied when it said it would offer ‘total transparency’, and sure, it has a record of bribing doctors and the media and killing people with dodgy drugs such that it had paid billions of dollars in fines, but – come on, man! – there is no way the US government would act against the interests of its own people! Only crazy libertarians like people who read Worstall’s blog (and like Worstall it seems pretends to be) would think that!

    And the government wouldn’t take the vaccines themselves if they didn’t think they were completely safe, would they?

    Ah, again.

    In the US, Members of Congress and their staff are not being forced to take the jabs.

    Similarly, in the UK, MPs who are trying to force vacine passports on us will not have to carry them themselves.

    It’s ‘nuttery’ to even notice any of this I suppose.

    Just take your four jabs a year, even though they are still in the trial phase and are only even legal under emergency authorisation, and even though there is literally no evidence as to what that level of dosing will do to you, and look happy.

  7. There must surely be quite a lot of people who are sceptical about the Covid vaxxes without being anti-vax in general?

    I mean, it would be enough to say “I’m buggered if I’ll take a vax that only has emergence use authorisation and hasn’t even completed its phase 3 trials.” The same chap might then happily take a flu vax.

    (Even though the case for flu vaccination has recently been pummelled by a study with a lovely design:

    Because I’m double-Pfizered and therefore have no idea of the current effectiveness of my immune system versus flu, the paper cited above is enough to persuade me to swerve my usual flu jab this year.

  8. @Dearieme – that describes my position perfectly. I’ve lived and worked in various Middle Eastern and African places and have had every jab going. My children had the MMR at the height of Wakefield. This is different, in many ways.

  9. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    “Much like the annual flu jab, I suspect. You know, offered to those who would be vulnerable.

    What a massive conspiracy. Not.”

    If this were policy, then fine. Instead, policy is everywhere moving rapidly in the direction of enforced six monthly jabs for everyone age 5 or up or you can’t ride the bus, go in a shop, travel, go to the gym, etc.

    Here in the fourth reich, the unvaccinated don’t sit at the back of the bus they are not allowed on the bus. If you can’t see this as a disgusting way to run a society, and a very very wrong way to do medicine, you are beyond help. And I predict you will be begging for forgiveness from the “anti vaxxers” in a years’ time, or denying you ever supported enforced medical treatment to claim a time-limited, and limited selection of what used to be human liberties.

    “There must surely be quite a lot of people who are sceptical about the Covid vaxxes without being anti-vax in general?”

    I’ve worked on the clinical development of a couple of vaccines and I am sceptical that I could expect a positive benefit-risk ratio from any of the currently available covid vaccines. In fact, as a covid “survivor” from any such vaccine. That any politician feels they should make this decision for anyone, let alone for me being more than adequately informed to make my own benefit-risk assessment, is utterly repugnant. And my right, your right, and everyone elses’ right to make their own decision, and be allowed to get it wrong, should be inalienable.

    There are many people who can expect a positive benefit-risk ratio, even with the now obviously atrocious safety profile of the mRNA and vector technology, but probably not a majority of the population.

  10. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    To illustrate how difficult vaccination is, we have reasonably effective vaccines against about 30 infectious diseases, some viral, some bacterial, not all of them for which humans are a major vector.

    There are many great big yawning gaps in the armamenterium, despite decades of research and clinical trials:
    Hepatitis C
    Shigella and other shigella toxin secreting bacteria
    All of the mycobacteria (with the arguable exception of tuberculosis)

    Vaccine development at the moment is focused on getting as many antigens for different pathogens in as few shots as possible, not so much on developing new vaccines for diseases that mostly poor people get.

    And we are supposed to believe we have 100% effective and 100% safe (past statements of the now Fourth Reich Health minister) vaccines against a new pathogen, which is so mild (except during its first outing as is the case with any new pathogen) that it is arguable anyone would even want to develop a vaccine, using completely new antigen delivery technology, in under 1 year.

  11. @Harry Haddock’s Ghost

    Much like the annual flu jab, I suspect. You know, offered to those who would be vulnerable.

    I think you’re being naive, Harry, though obviously I hope you’re right and I accept that I might be wrong.

    The trouble is, if I’m right and you’re wrong it’s the end of our world as we’ve known it, pretty much, whereas if I’m wrong and you’re right I’m just wrong and you’re just right.

    Because of the stakes, there is absolutely no upside to acting as though I’m wrong and you’re right, and an enormous upside to acting as if I’m right and you’re wrong.

  12. What a massive conspiracy. Not.

    Spectral Harry, it’s interesting that you had to create a fantasy scenario in order to dismiss conspiracy. For the situation with the Covid vaxxes is entirely unlike that of the flu vaccines – if only they were just “offered to those who would be vulnerable”.

    Nobody loses their job for not having a flu vaccine. Nobody gets fined or jailed for declining a flu vaccine. No five year old child is forced to have a flu vaccine to attend school.

    Covid19 is not airborne-ebola-muhammed-i’m-hard-bruce-lee-black-death. It just doesn’t warrant this worldwide insanity.

  13. I was quite shocked by both Tim’s and HHG’s complacency and decided to calm down a bit before answering. Interested, dearieme und Der Kerl im vierten Reich have done it for me.

    I too have been to various dodgy places and have had the required vaxxes, they were commercially bought and administered. I am not an anti vaxxer. I was sceptical, because there was no clinical evidence for their efficacy and decided to see what the results would be for those who took it.

    The first injection nearly killed my mum. She had the booster a couple of weeks ago and is very ill again, but hopefully this should pass. Her sawbones admitted that it was the AZ vax that had caused her first illness, because he had seen several similar cases. I have a very similar metabolism to her and I suspect that my heart is not as strong as hers.

    Covid is not smallpox or yellow fever or ebola, it is Russian roulette whether it badly affects the infected. The vaccinations do not prevent catching or transmitting the disease as we have discovered.

    There is no justification for mandatory vaccinations nor for vaccine passports. If you can’t see their inherent societal danger then you either need to stop watching Sky News or buy a copy of “My First Book about Nazis”. Never thought that I’d say this, but I am glad that I no longer live in Austria.

  14. @Bloke in Deutschland’s post is one of the best I’ve read on this in the last two years:

    [Despite all of this] we are supposed to believe we have 100% effective and 100% safe (past statements of the now Fourth Reich Health minister) vaccines against a new pathogen, which is so mild (except during its first outing as is the case with any new pathogen) that it is arguable anyone would even want to develop a vaccine, using completely new antigen delivery technology, in under 1 year.

    I can understand people being in favour of vaccines – back when they were first mooted and it was announced that Oxford was ahead I was delighted (I have two kids at Oxford as we speak, the paternal chest swelled something rotten even though it’s fuck all to do with them).

    Obviously that naivete last me about 18 months ago, but even so I can’t understand how anyone can read the above and not think, ‘Yes, to be fair that does sound kind of mildly implausible’, and even if not I still don’t understand how anyone can look at the vaccines’ performance and think it is right to force them on the entire fucking world on pain of unemployment, or even imprisonment, and that the fact that this is being pushed by intranational bodies run by people who really would not look out of place in James Bond films isn’t extremely fucking sinister.

    Trust the science? I mean, ok, but the people pushing the science have been fined billions of dollars for medical fraud and worse. Is that nothing?

  15. Tim, you are unfair to people who try to understand how the human body stays well in the absence of Big Pharma, with an appalling record of fraud, bribery and outright criminal behaviour and an overbearing medical bureaucracy . The NHS failure to promote vit D3 especially to the BAME community and weightloss to a trapped and media terrorised population shows just how willing it was to go along with the jabbery .

  16. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    “@Bloke in Deutschland’s post is one of the best I’ve read on this in the last two years:”

    I’m sorry to hear that, I’ve done better elsewhere*. Must try harder.

    *: Though, usually on demolishing specific aspects of coronanism (claims like “90% in hospital are unvaccinated/vaccination prevents infection, both of which can be demolished with ease using official government statistics). I incorrectly thought the libertarian view would be taken as read, at least in this parish.

  17. Interested: “The Dutch have recently suggested that it will be a six dose kind of thing.”

    Yes, within context.
    Our “demissionary” government ( again our sitting government in 10 days now that formation is complete after the elections) has been accused by the “Ever-Perfect Hindsight” Opposition of “Not Reacting Adequately” in some pretty nasty ways over the past year(s).
    So TPTB have simply announced that if necessary they’ve planned for a total of 6 rounds of boostering, with the caveat they will likely reduce the campaigns to Risk Groups in the future when/if things cool down a bit.
    Which, considering the general thrust of the way things are going now regarding Panic and, quite frankly, Fourth-Reich dictats from the EU, is a rather sensible tack to take while leaving the option to drop it entirely.

    And honestly, our current government is actually rather sensible.
    The lot are basically liberalist/capitalist in nature and have overall very much resisted the Howling and Screeching of the Opposition in this respect.
    The current opposition, which are mainly the ex-Maoist Revolutionary Socialist Party, the Greens, and the Eco-Nutters, are demanding measures that make the chinese approach look like Fluffy Bunnies.
    Mandatory vacs, 2G or even 1G policy, mandatory enforced lockdown of even suspected cases, total ban on non-approved opinions on any form of media “to ensure correct information for the people”, along with a ban on everything else Abominable to Nuggan slipped under the CoVid blanket.

    The good thing over here is that we only have to suffer another two weeks of the current shyte, when it will have become clear that the RIVM projections about Omicron that caused our current lockdown were so wildly off it isn’t even funny, and TPTB will have to decide whether to extend it.
    I’ll be taking notes, along with quite a few others.

  18. And talking of taking notes.. The whole concept of a “yoga industry” is so damn silly it’s going into the files for future use under Madness Incarnate..

  19. The difference between diet-and-exercise and the “wellness movement” is a bit like the difference between building airfix kits and joining a club for people who build airfix kits.

  20. @Grikath

    Point taken – but I’d be more inclined to believe in your government’s liberalist mindset if they’d kept schtum about it. As for capitalism, I no longer believe in it really, at least in the west. All we have now is corporatism.

  21. A vast experiment is going on in the US. Florida and Texas are leading the way fighting mask and vaccine mandates from the Federal Government. States like New York and California are going beyond Federal requirements. It will be interesting to see if it makes any difference.

    My personal experience is that the Black Death COVID is not everything the media has said it is. My teenage son came down with it two weeks before Christmas, followed by my teenage daughter a week later. Neither was vaxxed. Both had flu like symptoms for a couple of days. My 9 year old, my unvaxed wife and myself have shown no symptoms. I am vaxxed, but it was 8 months ago with Moderna. According to the media, we should be dead at this point.

    We live in Texas where mask mandates have not been a thing for six months. The people here who want to wear masks do, but most don’t. There has been no great wave of infection.

  22. Conflating the rights issues with anti-vax is one of the nastier pieces of government and media manipulation in this entire episode

  23. Dennis, On The Front Lines Fightin' Them Chlorinated Chickens

    I had the first 2 shots of Pfizer and that’s enough for me. Delta was less lethal that the original, and Omicron is basically the flu in a new wrapper. I’ve never had a flu shot and never will. Same goes for the COVID booster. It’s not happening.

    I’m over COVID. Period.

    We had friends who cancelled a Christmas dinner with us on 3 hour notice because they found out I hadn’t had a booster shot. Not the original shots, mind you, but the booster. Despite the fact that I’m “fully vaccinated” per the CDC and Joe Biden, they chucked a tradition we’d shared for decades and left us with a huge meal for 4 that was now for only 2. According to the 2 of them, they knew my wife had had the booster, but “didn’t think to ask” if I’d have the booster until they were ready to drive over to our house.

    The next day wifey friend drives over to our house to drop off and pick up Christmas gifts. After ascertaining that I was upstairs, she proceeds to spend 10 minutes in the front hall of our house talking to my wife. No mask worn.

    Told the wife that it was all bullshit and to be sure to tell them that a booster shot wasn’t in my plans in the foreseeable future. If they refuse to be around me because of that, it’s on them, not me.

    If my decision and reaction make me a nutter, so be it.

    There is no political dimension to COVID. There is no moral dimension to COVID. It’s a virus. And as far as I’m concerned, those who view a virus in either way are the real nutters, not me.

  24. “The next day wifey friend drives over to our house to drop off and pick up Christmas gifts.”

    I’m disappointed that you didn’t tell her to fuck off. Or, perhaps subtler, present her with a bill for half the cost of the Christmas dinner.

  25. Dunno.. Sometimes it’s Wisdom to let the ladies finish whatever social rituals they insist on before putting your foot down. Lest a domestic war breaks out…

  26. Well, Dennis, the way my father chucked a ten year old tradition of two families getting together for Christmas was by having an affair with the visiting wife (to be fair, he subsequently married her). So, could be worse.

  27. heh… Seems “Europe” accounts for a third of the official “infections” ( actually contaminations.. [/pendant] ) worldwide, having passed the 100 million mark.

    Hmm.. That means that after 2 years or so, only about 13% ** of the entire european population has managed to get officially infected at all. For a disease that’s branded as so contagious you can get it by looking at someone sideways that’s…. pretty underwhelming..

    I also wonder how the hell they got accurate numbers from Russia, and Turkey, and… Last time I checked the Eastern Bits of the continent aren’t exactly forthcoming nor honest about CoVid in their bailywick. But maybe some Magic Wand-waving made all the difference..

    And we must be pretty special to get 1/3rd of the infections on just under 10% of the world’s population. Maybe, dare I suggest(?), there’s other factors in play here?

    Nope… Official Important News. Holy, Do Not Disturb the Narrative, Infidel!!

    ** for comparison, HCov NL63, our local, naturally-endemic, utterly wimpish and completely overlooked-until-SARS variant identified since 2004 and only considered Mildy Annoying since then, would have infected somewhere between 8-10% of people in the same timespan.

    Also for comparison: While for some unfathomable reason every new CoVid19 variant is supposed to be wildly resistant against any of the old vaccines ( even mutations that have no structural implications*** whatshowever…) , they somehow all work just fine against NL63, even though our local brand has the same spike with even more mutations that make it much more suited for tagging us..
    Riddle Me This…..

    *** for those not familiar with how mutations work: Not every change in [steps omitted] mRNA causes a change in amino-acids, and (by far!!) not every change in amino acids changes how a protein looks or functions.
    Surprisingly so, even. Them’s pretty sturdy things..
    Even then, proteins get heavily modified after assembly by various processes, including “helper”proteins ( in case of CoVid: Some ours, some the virus’), so ymmv when it comes to deriving actual function/efficiency from mRNA sequences alone.
    It’s generally far easier to get a live sample and throw it at a lab rat to see if it sticks and what it does than look at the mRNA and engage the Magic 8-Ball and prayer wheels.

  28. Seems like the tests can keep reporting positive for up to 12 weeks after having had Covid, when I mentioned this to someone in healthcare they said this has been known for ages. Cleary that piece of science has consequences for mass testing and insisting on testing air travellers but doesn’t matter. The NFL are now exempting players from testing for 90 days if you have had Covid so someone is following the science at least

  29. School kids in England will have to wear face masks in class but the ruling doesn’t apply to teachers, teachers union is also calling for suspension of Ofsted inspections
    Just when you think they have sunk as low as possible they mange to find an even deeper level of hypocrisy to sink to

  30. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Grikath, I get the feeling that if you’d set out from the very beginning to produce the most useless and misleading epidemiological data possible, you’d have come up with something similar to what we have done.

    The UK is actually doing a semi-reasonable job. Germany with its famously effective bureaucracy (not) is totally fucking it up. An excuse deployed early on in the pandemic was, literally, fax machines running out of paper.

    By the way, OC43 is as deadly as Sars-Cov-2, when it gets into care homes. Check out PMID 18382647 (sorry, can’t post links here) where the 8.4% death rate among residents is a mere unremarkable aside.

    The only interesting thing about Sars-Cov-2 is its novelty and hence low background rate of population immunity.

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