Slightly surprising claim given the source

The underfunding of law enforcement of all sorts has to end.

Then all makes sense:

Sixth, the resources required to police these measures have to be made available.

These measures being that you will shiver, in the dark, alone, masked and eating your insects. And you will be happy.

2 thoughts on “Slightly surprising claim given the source”

  1. In fairness Tim it’s a very interesting article. His ludicrous insistence that ‘Omicron’ was ‘as severe as what came before’ and that ‘we have to have lockdown’ has been utterly obliterated. Completely smashed to pieces on the rocks of reality. Haven’t seen the great Noel Scoper on these boards but I have bookmarked the URLS for his pieces and these will be being rolled out by suitable Cubans, East Germans or North Koreans in due course in among the comments.

    He has now pivoted to the following

    1/ asking for HEPA Filtration to be fitted in all workplaces or everyone has to be allowed to ‘work’ from home indefinitely – this seems to be the latest wheeze from the Union funded shills – introduce this and COVID ‘will be eliminated’.

    2/ Compulsory FFP2 masks although these have had close to no impact on Omicron in Western Europe.

    3/ Global vaccination through allowing the Third World to produce the drugs locally and effectively removing Patent protection more broadly from a whole raft of other areas.

    4/ An increase in NHS capacity

    5/ More rigorous enforcement of the COVID restrictions

    It’s an interesting change of position very characteristic of Snippa and actually one of his more coherent posts. I disagree entirely with it but it’s useful to see what the Stalinist Left is planning

  2. The underfunding of liquorice all sorts would be more interesting. Fuck me, the man is such a complete twat.

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