Productivity in the public sector plunged as extra funds were given to healthcare and other vital services to battle Covid.

In the three months to September, the public sector’s resources were 18.6pc higher than in 2019, according to the Office for National Statistics.

However, its output was only 8.9pc higher, indicating that productivity was down by more than 8pc and that the additional money was not accompanied by a successful drive to make the most efficient use of the cash.

So much for the idea that the Tories are starving those vital public services then….

5 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. How is public sector productivity measured? (I’d prefer low productivity really.)
    If the CPS put more people in jail, is that a rise in productivity?
    If GPs concentrate on vaccines, is that a rise in productivity? etc

  2. Because the public sector doesn’t “make” anything, the normal method is to use the inputs as the output. However, unique amongst economic measurers, the British statistics office chose to apply some common sense and noted that this generates ridiculous numbers when everybody is locked up but we’re still paying them, so made a reasonable approximation that if, eg, 90% of teachers aren’t teaching, then actual real output is 90% of the “pretend” output that uses the input as the measure.

    Consequently, to the consternation of politicians, the lockdown (not the pandemic) has crashed GDP. In other countries where they measure public sector GDP as the input, the measureed GDP has remained steady – because they are actually measuring their wages not what thay are actually doing.

    Our host as gone into this in better detail.

  3. “If GPs concentrate on vaccines, is that a rise in productivity?”
    Maybe. My surgery has decided all of a sudden that it’s able to extend its opening hours and even do some weekend work…

  4. Output is up 8.o% os it? Really? Because I would have thought not beimg in the office fit 30 months, tax repayments now taking more than 6 months, not being able to send anu boats to stop illegal channel crossimgs, I would have thought output, by any true measure, was falling.

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