So, not wholly and entirely caused by then

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society says the risk of developing MS in the general population is around one in 1,000.


In contrast, Epstein-Barr Virus infection is astoundingly common, and can be found in around 95 per cent of people.


The virus that causes herpes is likely the main cause of multiple sclerosis (MS), a groundbreaking study has suggested.

Perhaps not. If damn near everyone has EB and not damn near everyone has MS then there must be some other cause.

Linked, quite possibly, even it could be a necessary precondition, but there must be something else as well. Propensity to, damn bad random luck, some other infection, summat.

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  1. MS still isn’t very well understood and is probably at least two or three different diseases in reality (progressive forms vs relapsing-remitting). It correlates with latitude, more likely the higher the latitude, so may be vitamin D related. It (or some forms of it) might be a post-viral syndrome, there’s a genetic component to it as well. But currently it’s still mainly guesswork.

    [There’s MS in the family, so I know rather more about it than I’d like to.]

  2. Ivor Cummins has a good video going over literature on vit D3: maternal D3 levels while pregnant are important ie the predisposition to develop MS correlates with maternal deficiency explaining both the latitudinal and seasonal variation in incidence. Forty years ago the claim was blacks weren’t susceptible but then migration…and the younger generation are affected

  3. I don’t know if this is correct, but perhaps they could have better stated it as the 5% of people who have the Epstein-Barr Virus infection are seldom part of the group that contracts MS.

  4. I don’t like the statement ‘the virus that causes herpes’. Yes EBV is a herpesvirus but ‘herpes’ the disease is caused by herpes simplex. You don’t want to be worrying about MS if suffering from genital herpes, you’ve got enough to think about already.

  5. Noel C, chicken pox and chingles (effectively chicken pox in mature adults) is also a herpes virus. Herpes zoster.

  6. There are reports that the increasingly popular carnivore diet has significantly helped some people with MS and other auto-immune conditions. Notwithstanding the name, for most – but not all – practitioners that actually means animal-based rather than meat-only, so eggs and cheese are also on the menu.

    The idea is that plants are not the benign and all-healthy food source we might imagine since, evolutionarily speaking, they don’t want to be eaten and are waging a permanent chemical arms-race with grazers.

    Apart from the obvious case of overtly harmful products such as lectins there is also the intruiging notion that plants may be using so-called molecular mimicry against us, whereby we consume molecules which are similar enough to our own body’s building-blocks that we incorporate them as such, but dissimilar enough that they are recognised as foreign by the immune system. In this way, plants trigger a harmful auto-immune attack.

    The carnivore diet works as an elimination diet since, generally speaking, animals use means other than biological warfare to preserve themselves (tooth, nail, and turn of speed.) In the event that a person shows improvement after a few weeks or months of carnivore, they might start to selectively and methodically re-introduce vegetables and conduct that experiment.

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