Spot the cliche

In fact, they will see a very modern blended family, as Lord Ivar Mountbatten runs the family estate with his husband – with the full support of his ex-wife.

Penny Mountbatten has given the same-sex marriage her blessing, even giving Lord Ivar away when he wed James Coyle, an airline cabin services director, in 2018.

The gay cabin steward – with the upgraded title to be truly modern – is just such a cliche, isn’t it? TBF, marrying an aristocrat isn’t but still.

That proof again, the reason stereotypes exist is that they’re useful approximations…..

9 thoughts on “Spot the cliche”

  1. “Penny Mountbatten has given the same-sex marriage her blessing, even giving Lord Ivar away…”

    Are there websites like Freecycle where you can give away useless homo husbands?

    “Unwanted gift. Free to good home. Must collect.”

  2. Dennis, Cabin Boy To The Aristocracy

    Those two sentences are comedy gold. I just finished wiping coffee off my monitor.

  3. Per Wiki:

    “Civil partners of someone using a courtesy title are not entitled to use their partner’s title.”

    So not Lady Roger then…

    And what Dennis said.

  4. airline cabin services director
    On the careless use of initials: I was on a BA flight to London from Hong Kong when the chief hostie announced “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am your CSD for this evening”. In HK the initials CSD more usually denote Correctional Services Department (the prison wallahs) though I guess the hostie was sort of right.

  5. “Um, sir, I’m an Airline Cabin Services Director. I’d appreciate it if you referred to me as such.”

    “You know, I feel like I’m pronouncing it wrong, but when you correct me I just keep hearing ‘air-servant.'”

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