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Stalin allowed the proles to see The Grapes of Wrath

See, see how terrible capitalism is?

The proles noted that poor folk had cars, how rich Americans must be:

It’s still more than an hour before the Saint Luke’s Food Pantry in Tupelo opens, but already more than a dozen cars are lined up in this corner of northeast Mississippi, the state with the highest poverty rate in the country.

By the time volunteers start handing out food in this December morning, six rows of cars will have filled the small lot — with dozens more parked on the road waiting to get in. By noon, the pantry will have served 559 cars.

Volunteer Lee Stratton says it’s been like this virtually every day through the pandemic.

“Lot of people coming,” Stratton says. “People need help, you know?”

They’re actually measuring poverty by how many cars turn up.

16 thoughts on “Stalin allowed the proles to see The Grapes of Wrath”

  1. The woman they have chosen to illustrate that story sure doesn’t look like she’s missed a lot of meals recently.

    St Luke’s Food Pantry must have a LOT of stock to hand out.

  2. *looks at photo on top of article*

    OK… Anyone that overweight cannot be poor.. What did she do? Eat her kids as well?

  3. “ Yet she still doesn’t make enough to cover a month’s worth of groceries her family with her $10.75-an-hour job working the customer service lines for DirecTV from home.”

    Seriously? She’s either working very few hours, or buying very expensive groceries.

    Sure, the pay isn’t great. But just one 7.5 hour day per week would pay the supermarket shop for a family.

  4. That’s near enough 60 quid a day – 300 quid a week. That’s more than I’ve regularly been on, and is four times Dole.

  5. didn’t khrushchev when he was shown US consumer goods (presumably waffle irons) comment – your revolution was 150 years ago- ours was only 40?

  6. You mean…The food pantry has enough food to feed 559 cars!?

    They don’t have to wait in line for 5 hours just to get eggs, milk and a random can of horseradish?

    If communists actually believed what they preach, they would live in a communist country and drive a Trabant.

  7. We have very rich poor here in the US.

    My hard-left 88-year-old dad volunteers at a local food shelf. He says that times must be horrible, since he sees so many unemployed people in Cadillacs and BMW’s and Merc’s having to resort to the food shelf.

    You can’t swing a dead cat here without hitting ten or fifteen help-wanted signs. I just bite my lip and say sure, dad.

  8. >. . . when she had to give up her job to care of her kids, nieces and nephews during the pandemic.

    So? *She* had to stop working to take care of other people’s kids? Why did she need to stop working but those other people didn’t? Did they pay her?

  9. RichardT
    January 15, 2022 at 10:58 pm

    Sure, the pay isn’t great. But just one 7.5 hour day per week would pay the supermarket shop for a family.

    Take home, after taxes,for an 7.5 hour shift should be $71 – so maybe not one shift, but two, if you shop frugally. And don’t eat a fuckton of sugar and chips.

  10. Take home, after taxes,for an 7.5 hour shift should be $71

    So the state is just as big a part of the problem over there as over here then.

  11. paerhaeg.

    I had not seen this guy previously. I’m off to find some more, but blimey he’s right and it does totally fit with communism.

  12. There’s a story from “Nothing to Envy” about North Korea, that the North Koreans doctored some footage of an “anti-poverty rally” in South Korea to be about how poor they were, and a guy watching it in NK noticed that someone on the march had TWO biros in his top pocket, which was like being a total boss in North Korea, and defected as a result.

  13. Well, there’s no easy way to get into their houses to measure the 55, 60, 65 inch and larger TVs, is there. Counting cars makes sense.

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