That feminist columnist career path is rigidly laid out

Gen Z are bringing back ‘indie sleaze’, and I suddenly feel ancient
Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

So, young feminism done, now we’re getting age, soon it’ll be leaky tits, then eventually grandkids and a gardening column in The Oldie.

Nothing quite so conservative as a radical, eh?

21 thoughts on “That feminist columnist career path is rigidly laid out”

  1. Toxic male behaviour!!! Still, things go in and out of fashion. If I last that long it’ll be interesting to see what the woke of 20 years time make of today’s nonsense.

  2. Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett strikes me as a person would be interesting to meet at a party. For the time it took to check out her rack.

  3. CP, it was.

    But what is now called “feminism” is not what used to be found under than name. Now it is really “otherism” – almost entirely based on supposed victimhood and actual point-scoring.

    Otherism is never a force for good.

  4. I’m not sure feminism was ever a force for good, but nowadays women and minorities are government funded useful idiots against the white man.

  5. Feminism is good. It is about giving women equal rights. It is about fighting sexism.
    I think there are good feminists who are against bullying, sexism, unequal pay, rape, sexual harassment, stalking, revenge porn, wife beating, domestic abuse, forced marriage, child abuse. Also feminists are against the exploitation of women. Women need a voice.

    Rev. Spooner It is good to be against bigotry. The phrase otherism is contradictory. It tries to say that if a discriminated group stand up for themselves then they are being dividers. That is just reactionary nonsense. that says any discriminated against group is being divisive if they speak up about their problems. The Civil Rights marches of MLK, were a force for good. The NAZIs were a force of evil bigotry and discrimination. People should be helped if they mental health problems or other reasons that cause them to be discriminated.

    Roué le Jour: The Jobs for the boys types only help the elites. White working class men and and lower middle class white men get hated by the elites as much as the elites hate women and gays. working and lower middle class white men also. Only the jobs for the rich elites types supports bigotry. The far right see the working class as criminals and parasites.

  6. Helen, dear, bigotry is simply a term of expression of dislike for people who dislike people you don’t dislike. You bigot, you.

  7. Bloke in Spain. You are wrong. Bigotry is when you hate entire groups of people. That is racism, homophobia, sexism, ageism, sectarianism, snobbery, xenophobia. Are you seriously suggesting it is healthy and moral for a someone to hate all white people, protestants, men, English people, old people?
    You need re-educating. You are a ignorant unreconstructed bigot.
    You can hate individuals but to hate an entire race, class, nation or gender is bigotry, End if story.

  8. Antything that’s 30 years back is the New Fashion…

    I’m happy enough they managed to recognise most of the 80’s Fasion Fads….

  9. @Henry Crun, The DM (and all MSM) don’t allow comments on any story when someone has been arrested, and won’t until the case is dropped or they case finishes.

  10. “Bigotry is when you hate entire groups of people.”

    It is not. Bigotry is obsinately maintaining a particular opinion in the face or reason. It’s a very old word in English, and has maintained that precise meaning since Chaucer.

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