That’s a bit odd

Wiretaps, eavesdropping on internet traffic, arrests in the dead of night: over a five-year period as the head of Denmark’s version of MI5, and another four at the helm of its MI6, Lars Findsen mastered the tools of the intelligence trade like few other people in his country.

Taking the head of the spies and putting him in charge of the counterspies sounds like a bad breach of the necessary security walls really.

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  1. Seems quite sensible to me. Often in the Royal Navy, ex-submarine Captains end up in anti-submarine work.

    See esp. Admiral Sir Max Horton.

  2. A country’s intelligence organisations working in their nation’s interest, TMB?
    That’s novel. Something uniquely Danish?

  3. I recently watched Oliver Stones JFK:Destiny Betrayed mini-series about JFK’s assassination and the aftermath.
    It certainly raises some interesting questions. Mostly about the role the CIA, the FBI and the rest of the Deep State played.

    The older I get, and the more cynical I get, the more I tend to believe in the conspiracy theories.

    Without doubt these agencies are a law unto themselves and the politicians nominally in charge of them have no oversight or control over them.
    Does anybody really know what they actually get up to?

  4. I like the map. Can anyone tell me why there’s a cable that runs from somewhere west of Shetland to somewhere further west of Shetland?

  5. BlokeInBrum: you have to consider Stone’s politics and agenda, as displayed in a lot of other work of his. He’s not a fan of the US Govt. I find it hard to see what the organs of the State would have against JFK. He successfully faced down Khrushchev. I can’t imagine J Edgar liked him, but then he didn’t really like anybody except for Clyde. The Mafia really didn’t like him when he sicced RFK on them after they supported him for the Presidency.

  6. As Stone pointed out in the documentary, after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, JFK trusted the CIA and FBI even less than he did before, suspecting them of trying to railroad him into a hard-line course of action against the Communists (as well as outright lying to him and manipulating him over many other things).
    He was making moves to reduce their power and influence when quite coincidentally he was assassinated. Funny that.
    Bobby Kennedy tried to find out who was truly responsible for his brother’s death but was getting stonewalled.
    Since he was no longer the Attorney General he hadn’t the power or influence to force the issue. Possibly a major reason for him wanting to run for President was to get the power necessary to find out what actually happened to his brother and hold those people accountable.
    Then he was assassinated. Funny that.

  7. Imagine thinking the same guys who came up with Operation Northwoods and who got the Israelis to attack a US Navy vessel, hoping to blame it on Nasser, wouldn’t commit a political murder at home tho lol

  8. @blokeinbrum
    In a coincidence of timing, Governor Newsance refused parole this week to Sirhan Sirhan. California’s Parole Board had recommended releasing him. Blind squirrels, nuts, etc.

  9. Not that I’m partial to Oliver Stone’s fevered imaginings, but the whole JFK assassination has always appeared more like a cover-up for incompetence than anything else. I don’t think the CIA had JFK killed out of some fit of pique over funding, the sacking of Allen Dulles or even US policy in South East Asia.

    I do believe that some group of nutjobs successfully assassinated JFK in a turkey shoot of triangulated crossfire in downtown Dallas and the FBI and CIA conspired to cover up their own incompetence in not preventing the assassination and planted evidence to lead to a “lone nut” assassin conclusion rather than the more likely conspiracy of angry Cuban exiles and other ne’er-do-wells who were being poorly managed and monitored by both the CIA and FBI.

    If they’d admitted that a bunch of Cuban exiles with CIA training courtesy of Operation Mongoose had killed JFK because he refused to support them at the Bay of Pigs or support any subsequent invasion, how was that going to look?

    Kennedy himself had to apologise to the French Prime Minister over CIA overreach and admit that the CIA was the one part of the US government over which he had little control and was exactly why he was trying to get to grips with it or destroy it at the time of his murder.

  10. Two reasons to wonder about the JFK assassination:

    (i) Ruby murdered Oswald

    (ii) LBJ, one of the nastiest men thrown up by US politics, inherited his throne.

  11. I don’t know enough about all the details to come to any firm conclusions myself, and there’s plenty of serious people who take issue with what Oliver Stone says.

    But without a shadow of doubt, there were some peculiar goings on regarding JFK’s body after he was shot, about the haste in which the car was cleaned down afterwards before being transported for examination.
    Questions remain about what happened to the windshield of the car which was destroyed shortly after. The circumstances surrounding his autopsy were also peculiar, especially with regards to the photos taken of his wounds. Never mind what happened to his brain! Lots and lots of strange goings on.

    I may be wrong, but I find it hard to believe that the likes of Cuban exiles would dare to assasinate an American president and bring the wrath of the entire US down upon themseleves. It would have been suicidal and counter productive. Thats the kind of momentous step that a lone nutter may take. Or a highly competent organisation that specialized in covert operations and assasinations.

    I would normally be inclined to believe the incompetence angle too, but it just doesn’t sit well in this case.
    If it weren’t for the Zapruder film, the authorities could tell whatever story they wanted, and nobody would be able to gainsay them. But it did exist, and it seems to have forced the powers that be to shape their narrative around it. Funnily enough, the original of the other film shot that day by Orville Nix went missing while in the FBI’s custody. You would think the FBI would be more careful.

  12. I only started to understand that the public are sold narratives and questioning them labels you a conspiracy theorist, a label coined by the CIA, when the supposed solo gambler shot up a Las Vegas concert in November 2017. The FBI obviously lied when it took over the investigation

  13. “a conspiracy theorist, a label coined by the CIA”: yeah, I liked the way that the top dogs – Fauci, Collins, Vallance, Farrar – conspired to accuse the advocates of the lab leak hypothesis of being conspiracy theorists.

    I think the press has made far less of this story than it merits. Why might that be?

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