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There’s the kiss of death then

Sir Tony featured in a promotional PR video in 2020 for Mr Nazarbayev, praising his leadership and saying Kazakhstan could look forward to its future with “confidence”.

Did I tell you about the time I once organised – OK, helped to – a $50,000 bribe to the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan? Well, to his fixer. In order to have a one hour meet with the PM? A company had had it’s mine renationalised – highly suspect that was – and then sold on cheap to the connected. And they wanted to be able to sit with the decision maker and see what might be salvaged. Turned would they just became another $50k down but there we are, it’s that sorta place and has been for decades.

1 thought on “There’s the kiss of death then”

  1. Entertaining to see that the locals had been converting their cars to LPG because it’s price was controlled. So the government removed the controls.

    I’m of course thinking of similar action being taken in the West if EV’s really take off.

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