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Well, no, not really

shipping in refrigerated shale gas from Qatar

Much to like in this Ross Clark piece. Could do with a bit more swearing – the fucks have been doing this to us etc – but OK, for print in a real newspaper.

Qatar’s not doing shale gas tho’. Entirely conventional field.

5 thoughts on “Well, no, not really”

  1. I wonder if there’s a little market for a “pendantry alert” pendant made of a “rare earth” that isn’t? If you got Polly to help promote it (further) . . .

  2. Is the whole Ukraine/Syria thing just fronts in a global energy war, with the Qataris offering the Saudis a stake in the LNG revolution if they get their mercenaries (US Military) to install puppets in both countries?

    If the Americans had acquired control in both countries, would we be seeing Qatari/Saudi LNG flowing to Europe by now?

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