Well, no, not really

Corruption in South Africa under Jacob Zuma scarcely believable, says Zondo inquiry

Only necessary to look a little north – not just Zimbabwe – to see how it was all likely to work out.

3 thoughts on “Well, no, not really”

  1. I’m sure the claims of corruption are correct, but of course Zuma’s enemies are now in power, so they’d be claiming this anyway.

  2. Dennis, Who Probably Just Offended Someone, Somewhere

    Spend more than an hour around an African involved in politics and any story of corruption becomes believable.

    I have and I do.

  3. @ Boganboy
    Some of Zuma’s enemies are now in power, many are (most were) in the non-ANC opposition; more are dead than in power (what do expect of a Communist?)

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