Well, yes, obviously

‘Mercy killers’ of sick relatives could escape prosecution under new CPS guidance
Current advice states that a prosecution is ‘almost certainly’ required for a mercy killing where there is sufficient evidence

It’s the deciding what is a mercy killing and what’s doing Granny in to save on the care home fees that is the problem, isn’t it?

11 thoughts on “Well, yes, obviously”

  1. If Granny is a bit too expensive to keep, an exposure to viral risk might be a solution that the CPS would find it difficult to take issue with.

  2. BiND: what happened to that doctor at Gosport Hospital with the heavy hand to help the convalescent elderly sleep on her shift? Two decades worth of people failing to wake up and then she retired pension intact, undisturbed except for a brief flurry of DM articles?

  3. People complain about the jury in the Colston statue trial, but this is another place where perverse verdicts work. Killing your relative, for whatever reason, is a crime. But, you do it, you put yourself at the mercy of a jury, and lots of people will walk. But you are putting your balls in the vice. You’re willing to go to jail for your love of a relative.

    Put that power in the hands of bureaucrats and you change the incentives. The sort of people who are CPS bureaucrats with unwritten CPS priorities decide it’s not worth prosecuting. You’re going to get more people killing their old wife that they’re sick of looking after.

  4. @BoM4, I would see the bureaucrats doing the opposite. They love their paperwork and having a reason to exist so they would be more likely to prosecute.

  5. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Informed consent is such a useful, universally useful, concept.

    Pity we decided to throw it out!

  6. Sam Vara.
    We tried the exposure to viral infection (fees over £50K a year). Granny turned out to be asymptomatic, but others popped their clogs. Christmas day eventually turned out to be too much. So is life, (and death)

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