You don’t have to read that far into this to start thinking….

“Our metabolism has the key to unlock our health and wellness. If we take care of it by making it more flexible, everything else follows – higher energy, weight management, lower blood sugar,” says GP Dr Emeka Okorocha.

Along with several studies looking into the benefits of metabolic flexibility, functional medicine practitioner Will Cole – among Gwyneth Paltrow’s team of experts

….that this might be bollocks.

Ms. Paltrow might find useful health advice, the blind squirrel does occasionally get the nut. But that’s not exactly the way to bet, is it?

9 thoughts on “You don’t have to read that far into this to start thinking….”

  1. Paywall, so I googled the concept instead. Basically I was bamboozled by the scientific jargon almost immediately.

    Isn’t that the point of it, though? For people to learn a bit more jargon than their friends so they can talk about themselves and seem to know a bit more science?

  2. It is based in the belief that chaotic, complex, poorly understood natural systems can benefit by being brought in line with the designs concocted by clever Human experts and activists who just know they have the competence and are right.

    Climate, ‘the’ environment, the economy, society, Nature and of course a virus circulating in the population.

  3. There’s plenty of proper nutritional science in the world – just rifle through PubMed or Google Scholar; or visit for more digestible (pun intended) meta-analyses of the science.

    If I were rich like Gwyneth, perhaps I’d invest in a team of scientists to research my pet topics; just as Bill Gates spends a lot of his money on research. But press announcements like this don’t inspire confidence.

  4. A quick google finds this Will Cole is a “doctor” of Chiropractic, so not able to call himself a doctor in the UK.

    Complimentary medicines are the prime cause of drug induced liver injury.

    GP Dr Emeka Okorocha is a Nigerian prince.

  5. Paywall, so I googled the concept instead.

    If you wish to read the no-longer-very-Torygraph, just disable Javascript in your browser. Andrew Orlowski’s articles in the Business section on Mondays are generally worth a visit – and I noticed he was also on Sp¡ked during Twixtmas.

  6. Use the private window in Firefox. I also have Ghostery & uBlock Origin so they may also have something to do with it. Jellygraph and Speccie seem to be the only paywalled sites this works on though.

  7. The key to achieving metabolic flexibility…can be achieved by adapting your carb intake, intermittent fasting and exercising (particularly [high-intensity training])

    This is actually correct and powerful health advice: allowing the body to create and utilise ketones for energy, rather than running on glucose all the time which leads to insulin resistance and its panoply of chronic conditions.

    It’s true that what Ritchie is to economics so Paltrow is to healthcare, yet on this occasion she has stumbled over a nugget.

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