We also have “to father” and “to mother” as verbs, which gets a bit more complicated. “To father” is synonymous with “beget” and “sire”—though Merriam-Webster notes, in a circular way, that these words are considered archaic, except in relation to domestic animals. “To mother” seems simpler on the face of it, maybe less overtly sexist? “To mother” is defined as “to give birth to” or “to care for or protect like a mother.” The first definition is the biologically essentialist one, but at least unlike with “beget” and “sire,” there are no caveats or domestic animals to be found.

It’s subtle, but already we can see clear signs of a patriarchal system of society embedded in language.

Freddy McConnell is mad again.

I can’t see anything there at all which would not also fit a description of a matriarchal society. Can you?

But then this is Freddy:

Why We Need Gender-Inclusive Terms for ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’

Umm, why?

We don;t need gender inclusive terms for left or right handed, for short or tall, so why would we for father or mother?

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  1. “Why We Need Gender-Inclusive Terms for ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’”

    It’s logic, Tim. Just not as we know it.

  2. Why does Freddy go under a name that is not “gender inclusive”? Why not Alex, or Georgie, or Robin, or Sam, or some other name which has become, if only a little bit, inclusive? America is full of names which give me no clue at all to which sex the referent might belong.

    Though, come to think of it, I’m only assuming that he’s a he. Maybe Freddy is short for Frederica.

  3. It seems that being oppressed by the patriarchy is one of those cases where you start with the conclusion and then say whatever you need to support it. I recently heard the existence of the slimming industry being blamed on the patriarchy. This immediately made me think of an old post from the Daily Mash.

    “Men across Britain continue to be puzzled by the debate over the pros and cons of bouncy girls, it emerged last night.

    As the first size 16 contestant prepares for the Miss England beauty pageant, women said it was an important breakthrough while men said they could not imagine the circumstances in which this lovely big girl would be deemed unattractive.

    Helen Archer, an official woman, said: “This is the culmination of years of determined struggle against a male dominated culture that enslaves women and demands they conform to a perfect ideal of sexual attractiveness.”

    But Nathan Muir, a completely normal person in every way from Hatfield, stressed: “What the hell are you talking about?

  4. @dearieme
    I’m only assuming that he’s a he
    “being a pregnant trans dad” strongly suggests he is a male only in her own mind.

  5. The terms “father” and “mother” are already gender inclusive. They include both (i.e. all) genders.

    And if he is a “Trans Dad”, then someone should have told her that nobody has actually been called Freddy since A. J. Ayer. It’s a joke name for Wodehouse characters, hamsters, and loud horsey women.

  6. The real problem is that the idiot Leftwing press has nothing substantive to write about – any serious articles would expose their positions as baseless crap – but still need eyeballs to consume adverts and thus generate revenues.

    So they do the standard thing, which is spout bullshit to the converted. The only danger with this is the converted get reinforced in their idiot beliefs.

    A newspaper – or other channel – which really had the interests of ‘the world’ at heart, would not publish stuff which doesn’t work, except as fiction pieces clearly intended for amusement.

    What they currently do – publish fairy tales as truth – is, in their language, a Crime Against Humanity.

  7. Dennis, A Vast Reservior of Toxic Masculinity

    Dear Freddy –

    Nobody give a fuck. If they did, you’d be writing about it somewhere other than Vice.

  8. My housemaster’s wife was called Freddy.

    Just sayin’

    Though in fact, she probably spelled it Freddie. One wouldn’t have asked.

  9. We already have tons of different terms for these people:

    Pool Boy
    Pizza Delivery Guy
    Frank from across the street
    My Wife’s Boss
    My Wife’s Ex
    My Wife’s Personal Trainer
    My Wife’s “Friend” From College
    My Best Friend
    Male Stripper at the Bachelorette Party inVegas

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