In the Trump household now……

Trump and two eldest children must testify in New York case, judge rules

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  1. Maybe Durham will drop another detailed indictment pertaining to the spying and smearing op conducted by Hillary’s campaign and extending to the Executive Oval Office once Trump had been sworn in, maybe elaborating coordination from the CIA, the FBI and miscellaneous foreign intelligence services? Just in time.

  2. @Ljh
    Even if he did, everyone the than Fox would pretend it didn’t happen and present wall-to-wall something else. The only reason Rittenhouse got so much publicity was because the large media outlets had swallowed enough of their own bull that they genuinely believed that they were going to get a scalp, and went a bit off-hook when what was obviously (to anyone with a functioning brain) going to happen sans jury nobbling happened.

    Someone prosecuting a D is going to get all the coverage of HB’s laptop.

  3. “Responding to the news, James said that it showed that “no one will be permitted to stand in the way of the pursuit of justice, no matter how powerful they are”.”

    It’s funny how she selectively ignores all the other powerful persons that are messing around/messed up in NY, though.

    Of course, both Democrats and Republicans are desperate to get even a single conviction in, even if it’s for jaywalking, since that is the only way to stop Trump running for a second term.
    It’s so obvious to the point where it’s got me siding with the Orange Monkey on this one.
    But the whole establishment lot must be absolutely terrified of him to go this far.

  4. 5th Amendment. They can be compelled to appear but not compelled to testify. I expect their lawyers will have it covered.

    The story is meant to imply they have done something wrong.

  5. Trump and his kids won’t be found guilty of anything. The democrats, as always, will obsess over the simple fact that they had to *gasp* show up to a courtroom! No matter how bogus the charges. “Trump was subpoenaed!” will be the DNC’s talking point.

    The funniest thing is when Trudeau and his minions threatened to go after Americans who donated to the Freedom Convoy. So, not only are they going to somehow circumvent our national sovereignty but, even with Biden as president, how are you going to freeze bank accounts and imprison people in another country…over a bunch of trucks being parked on a road? Oh, and some bullshit noise complaints?

    It’s a parking ticket and a fine of a few thousand dollars. Similar deal as those 700 or so “insurrectionists,” none of whom are even being charged with insurrection, but rather what amounts to trespassing for most of them.

    BLM posted $100,000 bail for a guy who tried to MURDER a candidate for Louisville mayor. How many of those donors are losing their bank accounts?

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