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Isn’t this an assertion of power?

The rift in the European Union deepened yesterday after its highest court ruled that Hungary and Poland could lose funding worth more than €100 billion for failing to abide by its core values.

Whoever controls the money controls the rest of it.

Time for more people to leave perhaps?

The definition has been expanded to include the EU’s “fundamental rights and values”, taking it into areas such as LGBT rights, openness to refugees and other aspects of liberalism.

The imposition of the modern progressive state that is.

24 thoughts on “Isn’t this an assertion of power?”

  1. Not so much Poland, but Hungary are only in it for the money. Take that away and what exactly is the point in remaining?

    Same applies for a lot of the countries that have gone from being net beneficiaries of EU largess to net contributors.

    It was often said that BRExit wouldn’t make that much difference to the EU because the UK with it’s various opt-outs and rebate was only semi-detached to the EU anyway. If others more firmly embedded in the EU were to leave that would be a far bigger issue for the EU at present.

    The Visegrád Group (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) have been struggling with the more “progressive” aspects of EU membership for some time, particularly the matter over Muslim immigration. They’ve balanced this by outright refusal on the part of some members and accepting the principle but undermining it in practice by others (such as purchasing refugees one-way tickets to Berlin).

    I can’t see this ending positively for the EU. It’s just another fork in the road on the way to inevitable collapse.

  2. Before Brexit I tried to explain to my MP in an email why I wanted to leave – that the EU would eventually fail with even people shooting each other in the process, and we would be much better out of that and not getting involved. Of course there are many other good reasons but that was my primary one.

    Of course I don’t think she listened as she was a PPS or junior minister at the time and climbing the greasy pole.

  3. The EU’s core values include castrating your children, subsidising foreign gangs to come in and rape or stab them, and whatever else is trending on Twitter.

    Unfortunately these are also the core values of the Conservative Party.

  4. Btw:

    the European Court of Justice ruled that Brussels could withhold funds to member states seen to be violating the law on judicial independence, migrant quotas and LGBT rights

    Judicial independence is a laff, they mean a robed priesthood that’s completely unaccountable to democratic processes but very accountable to unelected bugmen in Brussels.

    But it’s “the law” around “migrant quotas” that’s interesting. Member 5 minutes ago when EU migrant quotas was a racist, swivelly eyed Brexiteer conspiracy theory eructed by xenophobic lunatics?

  5. In the case of Poland this is sheer hypocrisy.
    Germany declared its laws superior to the EU. They got away with it. Poland said the same, they get the shaft from Brussels.
    Is legensraum a word?

  6. Well; their gaff, their rules and – naturellement – their option to break said rules and hold you to them at the same time.

    I sympathise with Poland and Hungary to a certain extent, because we too have to deal with leftist globalist perverts trying to ruin us, but then where we you during Brexit, eh lads? Licking Kraut arse in exchange for a few euro and not happy that the source of many of those euro was on its way out. Pass me my tiny violin.

  7. “It’s just another fork in the road on the way to inevitable collapse.”

    The Holy Roman Empire of the German People was always on the road to inevitable collapse. But it took a millennium.

    I should be delighted to see the EU collapse but I suspect I’ll be dead before then. But you never know.

  8. Don’t be kidded. The sole purpose of any justice & law enforcement system is to perpetuate the rule of the rulers. Any actual “justice” results from it is incidental. This has been true since Hammurabi. There have been attempts to create justice systems that serve the people subject to them, but they always default to the norm.
    Derives from the following: People will always seek to maximise what they perceive as their own personal advantage.

  9. dearieme – similarly, the Ottoman Empire was the sick man of Europe for a bloody long time. It’s not yet obvious that what replaced it is much better, either.

    Irregardless, I feel sure that fighting the Rooshians over the Crimea is the right way to go.

  10. MC

    Hungary I’m indifferent to, but Poland is on the side of the angels. She has saved Europe (not that entity the EU) thrice. If you want a nation to share a trench with, they’re it.

  11. BIS- saw the storyville documentary of the Zim election. MDC well and truly shafted. Electoral commission sat on the vote counts for a few days- declared victory for Zanu. Subsequent supreme court case MDC presented evidence of 14 districts with exactly the same vote counts, not some Benford’s law distribution, the same exact vote counts. The ZEC rebuttal? – yeah that happened, bit of a coincidence but yes it occurred. The bewigged and gowned Judges, retired, came back dismissing the case, saying no evidence was brought for fraud and declared the results valid. Zanu won.

  12. She has saved Europe (not that entity the EU) thrice.

    Given that modern Poland now covers most of the territory of Prussia, are you including in your list von Blücher turning up to finally turn the tide at Waterloo?

  13. @ Hallowed Be
    Quite. Rulers does not have to be the same thing as government. The rulers are people with power furthering what they perceive as their own personal advantages. Part of which is to combine with those others with similar aims, where those aims agree. This may coincide with the actual government. Or it may not. In which case, government governs at the whim of the powerful.
    Pretty well describes the situation in the UK & US. You can elect any government you like on any policies you like. What you’ll actually get is what you’re permitted.

  14. EU, the elected representatives are a show poodle. It rules as a coalition of the powerful within (but not wholly within) its constituent nations.

  15. HB – sounds like pretty much exactly what happened in the US of States, except there the robed priesthood didn’t even pretend to hear the complaints about various documented illegalities and irregularities. They just put their fingers in their ears and pretended nobody has standing to challenge electoral fraud.

    As is so often the case, our African friends are much more honest and straightforward. That’s one of the reasons why I’m proud to identify as a transracial black BAME man of colour.

  16. I was bemused at a legal challenge over closing churches here where the judge said it was not their place to question the public health officers recommendations, which kinds of begs the question then whose job is it and do they understand the meaning of the word ‘judge’

  17. BniC: was the closure a legal enactment? If so presumably the judge would say “it’s the law”. Over here all the restrictions were Statutory Instruments, which is the way ministers get to make stuff legal without the faff of getting MPs to vote on it and the House of Lords sticking their oar in. It’s a pernicious mechanism to short-circuit Parliament and is increasingly incorporated into Acts of Parliament to make being the Nomenklatura easier.

  18. The funny thing is, if this were a relationship between two individuals, it would be considered abusive and manipulative.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you, baby.”

    “Can you do me a few favors? You know, since I take care of you and everything?”

    “You won’t help me pay for my addictions? After all I’ve done for you?”

    “Okay, you know what? Give me what I want, or I’ll take away your allowance! I’ll throw you out on the street, you whore!”

  19. Bloke in North Dorset

    Tractor Gent,

    That’s also how EU laws were enacted here which allowed FBPE types to pretend that Parliament was still sovereign while we were in the EU as they tried to negate Brexit sovereignty arguments.

  20. So they could lose a hundred billion of funding for gender and grievance programmes that they would never put into practice anyway. What a tragedy.

  21. Steve, you’re reminding me of a boatload of ‘refugees’ that sank themselves just offshore in Indonesia. They were so close to land that some were actually rescued.

    There was so much fuss made in the Aussie media that I decided to look up an Indonesian paper.
    And yes, they were ‘much more honest and straightforward.’ With quite a bit more detail too.

    So I’m conceding your point. If you’re making one.

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