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Not wholly and entirely, no

Black woman sentenced to six years in prison for registering to vote

That’s a triggering headline, bringing back memories of Jim Crow and all that.

The truth being “Felon not allowed to register to vote registers to vote and gets punished”.

Now, whether that should happen is another thing, but it’s markedly different from that headline.

18 thoughts on “Not wholly and entirely, no”

  1. I mean, the media deliberately and with malice aforethought, whipped up a firestorm of deadly race riots in the US and Canada in 2020, while lying through their teeth and gaslighting their own audience about how peaceful it all was.

    The same media currently completely ignoring the massive Canadian freedom protests, except for occasional hit pieces to falsely accuse them of being violent nazis who should be beaten and jailed.

    What part of “the MSM exists to demoralise you” are we not understanding? At least subjects of the USSR knew the score when they read about something in Pravda.

  2. The colour of her skin is not relevant to the story, and placing it in the headline is deliberately inflammatory.
    Or is Yahoo suggesting that allowances must be made for her ability to understand and obey the law, because of the colour…ooo er …sounds of heads popping: “Does not compute!”.

  3. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    Wait; so one of the leaders of a race grievance grifting organisation turns out to be a wrong un? Well I never.

  4. headline yeah- well it is the internet. But the article makes it pretty clear what its all about. She tried to stand for election. Told no, you’re a felon. “That’s when Moses consulted a judge, who informed her that she was still on probation. Moses decided that the judge miscalculated her sentence, and she seemingly convinced her probation officer as much, because the individual incorrectly signed official documents stating Moses’ probation had ended, according to the report”

    “Consult a judge” isn’t that called going to court? and I just love that turn of phrase “moses decided that the judge miscalulated her sentence.”

  5. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    “But your honour, I decided the taxman had miscalculated my taxes so I brought a Ferrari instead”

  6. Ah TtC. But her colour is crucial to the story. Her beef is that she’s been given a six stretch when whypipo convicted of the same offence only got probation. Personally I find the entire story inconceivable. Haven’t we been repeated assured there was no fraud in the Presidential elections Brandon so convincing won? So the entire thing’s obviously a fabrication of white supremacists infiltrated the Yahoo News service.

  7. So when your liberal relatives come back from Los Angeles or New York City, and they ask “why don’t republicans support voting rights?” you’ll know that they don’t read much.

  8. @Steve
    4 of the Canadian protesters were run over yesterday. Only Fox News of the major media reported on it. Today it has completely disappeared from the Google news feed. Of course no details were released about the driver

  9. So, four Republicans were convicted of voting for Trump using dead relatives’ ballots. They all got probation–well, one served three days in jail.

    The woman in question was on parole. Her parole officer told her (and has testified to the fact) that she could vote. The precinct accepted her request to register–not vote, register.

    She’s black in a racist state and they sent her to jail for six years on a trumped up charge. That’s the way to look at it.

  10. Mr Fuller; nonsense. She had voted illegally as a convicted felon at least 6 times since 2015 and as such was a repeat offender.
    Six years does seem a long time but the Americans tend to this, partly following legislation from one Senator J. Biden, some years ago.
    So all your reasoning lacks reason however much you blather about racist states and trumped up charges.

  11. If the article is correct she voted (not just registered) six times before they caught her.

    So there’s a little more to it than “falsely attempting to register”

  12. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Her blackness and womanness are the only things that matter.

    Jeez, what is with you guys? She should be president already.

  13. I’m Canada judges have to take historical trauma into account as a mitigating factor when sentencing First Nations people, but despite this we are constantly told the justice system is systematically racist as there are a (significantly) higher % of First Nations people in prison than the % in the general population

  14. Meanwhile, $60m of donations collected by BLM is “unaccounted for”. Maybe that’s what ‘taking the knee is all about, checking the floor to see if it fell out of someone’s pocket.

  15. Hmmm. In the UK British citizens are required to register, and it’s an offence if you don’t. Non-Brits* don’t have the right to vote, and aren’t required to register. I don’t know if it’s an *offense* to register when you don’t have the right to, it’s just an offense to *not* register when you *do* have the right to.

    *For certain values of non-British.

  16. @ jgh
    In the UK the Irish have the right to vote, Peers and foreigners don’t have the right to vote in Parliamentary elections but Peers and many resident foreigners may vote in local elections.
    However the point is that this crime was one against US laws in the USA and British laws are irrelevant.

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