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Didn’t know that

Known for his diatribes against immigration and Islam, the TV polemist

About Zemmour. The bit I didn’t know being that you can say “polemist”. Yes, obviously, polemic, and polemicist. I didn’t know that polemist was a synonym for that second.

Not the most interesting thing to learn on a Sunday morning but still…..

5 thoughts on “Didn’t know that”

  1. Dunno..

    A polemic is the actual war-of-words-on-paper, a polemist is/are the one(s) perpetrating it on innocent bystanders.
    Polemicist sounds like amateur-grade word-wrangling only possible in english to me.

    But could simply be my continental germanic roots. And english be weird sometimes.

  2. @asiaseen….. yes? 😛

    Mind.. anyone stringing more than three words together is taking the piss when it comes to that… Like in Welsh.. 😉

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