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Hah! Excellent rugby

13 thoughts on “Hah! Excellent rugby”

  1. If Stuart Hogg had been equally selfless and passed inside from a similar position the Ireland Scotland game would have been much more interesting.

  2. I thought I read something recently about a proposal to turn the 6 nations into a 2-division European championship, with promotion and demotion between the two divisions. I wanted to send it to a Georgian rugby fanatic friend, but my Google powers aren’t working this morning. Does anyone remember reading such a thing, and could point me to it?

  3. RichardT
    I think Clive Woodward thinks it a good idea. Which won’t happen. Try attaching writer names to subject.

  4. Talking of a rugby brain why did Wales kick possession away? Their lead was less than one score, there was only a minute and a bit left, why not just send big men rumbling forward? What were they thinking of?

  5. There’s also been talk of SA joining the 6 nations. Some years they’d win it.
    But who wants to watch some skyscrapers and brick outhouses lumbering from scrum to lineout? I hope the Lions tour changed a few minds in the money men.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset


    Referees are trying to keep the game going so sides have to be very careful the don’t get pinged for the latcher going off his feet or sealing off. This leaves them more vulnerable to a jackler as well as the usual risks of dropping the ball or doing something stupid to give away a penalty.

    To be fair to Wales, how often does that happen even off poor kicks?

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