I just love this logic

This ring fencing was confirmed by the Kings Fund who stated that during the period 2010 – 2020, NHS funding had increased at a rate of 1.8% p.a. They went on to point out that this compares unfavourably with pre 2010 increases of 3.7%. By my rough calculation that cumulative reduction in increases will have amounted to £30billion p.a. by 2020. That reduction in funding

He manages to move from agreeing that it’s just a slowdown in the increase of funding to it being a reduction in funding in only three sentences.

From the P³ comments

5 thoughts on “I just love this logic”

  1. I’m sure that with a few more lines he’d have ended up with “therefore I should be running the economy”.

  2. As I’ve said before. You can get any old gibberish you like posted in spudland if it seems to support his line.

    Perhaps we should have a competition.

  3. “reduction in increases” love it

    By now a 1.8% increase would be equivalent to 3.7% increase in old money, so not to worry.

  4. It’s been standard usage in “polispeak” for yonks… A “cut” means a “reduced increase”.

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