The economics of Mr. Varoufakis

First, wage inflation should be welcomed, not treated like public enemy number one. Second, it is precisely when interest rates are rising that central banks should continue to create money. Except this time, they should press it into the service of green investments and social welfare.

Let’s beat inflation by stimulating the economy that is. Double down on QE.

Positively Murphyesque.

6 thoughts on “The economics of Mr. Varoufakis”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    Murphyesque or elynomics: this is what you get when you try and squeeze a socialist foot into an economics shoe.

  2. Greece has been bought by the EU so high inflation may help them take their country back. Well maybe a little bit of it.

  3. Do these geniuses ever read their witterings before publishing? V seems the sort of twit who’d drive with the handbrake on, then blame the car for breaking down.

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