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Again with the evolution

Dogs mastered facial expressions to manipulate us

No, those dogs which had the ability to master facial expressions bred more puppies as a result of being able to manipulate us…..

8 thoughts on “Again with the evolution”

  1. Or perhaps we bashed fewer dogs on the head and threw them in the stewpot if they looked cute.

  2. Manipulate…. yeeeesss….

    I prefer to rely on my ability to read their ears and tails, thankyouverymuch. Saves fingers.

  3. Also dogs copy their humans. We had one who expressed her displeasure or frustration by puffing out her cheeks, which she obviously observed from us.

    Also talking. Some breeds, such as Huskies, chat all the time. But if you talk to a dog or cat a lot eventually they start to answer back.

  4. “Snowball, we gotta find a way to communicate with humans. Quick!”

    “Umm…Go-go gadget facial expressions!”

  5. It’s one of life’s curiosities that even those who (should) understand Darwin’s thesis, including St. David, virtually always describe the evolutionary process as a conscious change by plants and animals designed to achieve a known objective.

  6. I’ve just remembered a conversation that I had with my neighbour. She works with disabled children, most of whom suffer from some cerebral problem and so can’t communicte. Her colleagues have mastered having conversations wth the kids, much to her bemusment, because it is obvious that they can’t answer back coherently.

    I asked her “Have you never had a pet?”
    Which she hadn’t. And I explained that one does it with animals. “Meow” goes my pussycat and it is a cue to discuss with her the policy of Irish Home Rule ubder Asquith.

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