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Ah, so they don’t mean rewilding at all.

They means jobs for Tarquin and Jocasta forever:

National parks and other protected areas have had mixed success in conserving wildlife, according to the largest ever global study of their effects.

Using wetland bird data from 1,506 protected areas around the world, scientists analysed the trends of more than 27,000 populations, and found that increased provision for the birds had not necessarily helped.

Researchers said the study, published today in the journal Nature, has important implications for the movement to protect 30% of the Earth for wildlife by the end of the decade. The results show that managing parks to protect species and their habitats is crucial, and that without such management parks are more likely to be ineffective.

“Management” eh?

24 thoughts on “Ah, so they don’t mean rewilding at all.”

  1. This, despite the example of Chernobyl showing that all that’s needed for nature to survive and thrive is for man to get out of the way?

  2. So maybe a committee can decide what are the correct numbers and proportions of the animals, birds and plants? That’ll work. After all, they know the correct temperature for the Earth.

  3. Perhaps they need better signage so the birds know a site is a national park?

    These areas are the very opposite of rewilding, micromanaged by idiots who don’t know what they are doing nor understand the law of unintended consequences. There will be hundreds of cases worldwide where attempts to protect the lesser crested frotting heron lead to a terminal decline in the red-faced gimp warbler etc.

    Having said that, I am very much in favour of reintroducing wolves to Scotland. Big fucking wolves.

  4. There is a certain definitional issue that many conservationists must understand, though most do (if you look to BASC for instance). The word “managed” usually means shooting anything that isn’t conductive to the survival of your favourite species. Usually in the UK we are quite hesitant to do so, though plenty of places have gamekeepers for that purpose.

  5. BiND

    As you know The Great Climate Crisis vastly increases the number of extreme events. So someone who claims there was a Great Storm in 1987, the like of which has not been since seen must be lying.

    It follows that the photographs are fake, and it requires the intervention of St Tarquin and St Jocasta to manage things as they should be.

  6. “shooting anything that isn’t conductive to the survival of your favourite species”

    Hits the nail on the head. Nature is everywhere. It boils down to what kind of nature you want. Who wants it? People, of course. The animals don’t care about anything but themselves and the plants don’t care at all. Makes me wonder what the people who view humans as a disease on the planet really want.

    I suppose you could just say you want more biodiversity. Something measurable like total number of species. Good luck managing it, though.

  7. MC

    Preferably at either Holyrood or the Green and SNP conferences – ideally ones that have been starved in advance

  8. The wetland parks we have are mostly for migratory birds. So HTF this works is a mystery.
    Also, decline in the cuckoo. Not our fault, blame Africa.

  9. MC: we could do with something bigger than foxes as the top predator down here to deal with the muntjac. They breed in all seasons – saw a mum & babe on our garden cams a few weeks ago. I would like to see lynx (or probably I wouldn’t as they are shy & retiring) but they would probably go after lambs too so they would get shot.

  10. BiND

    Yeah, exactly.
    I was being sarcastic 🙂

    But in truth, how come these loonies can’t see their own contradictions?
    Ah; yes. Loonies. Answered meself…

  11. But in truth, how come these loonies can’t see their own contradictions?

    I’m sure they can see the contradictions, but the “climate emergency” is just a means to an end. Just as long as the contradictions are hidden from the masses by the bbc and their ilk, the campaign to reverse Western growth and wealth can continue unabated.

  12. I’m all for rewilding. “There to be a great re-wilding”, but it strikes me as a a rich nation’s indulgence, especially if we are to believe that there is an environmental crisis coming.
    If there is to be a shortage of food, then we should be investing capital in our farms rather than returning them to forest or whatever.
    Maybe we can have our forests back and Africa can starve – the ultimate greenie indulgence?

  13. Vancouver hot peak stupidity when coyotes numbers in Stanley park increased to the point that human/coyote interactions were common and people were getting bitten and chased. The situation was not helped by idiots deliberately feeding the damn things.
    The initial advice was for people to stop going to the park and it took over a year before they finally decided to capture and move the coyotes, a cull was frowned upon of course. Simple problem with a simple solution that got turned into a never ending drama by the Green brigade who appear to believe coyotes have more rights than people.
    As the park was the site of a First Nations village where the military evicted all the families I was all for a bit of decolonisation and letting the First Nations take care of the issue using traditional approaches. If nothing else just for watching the greens heads exploded as they tried to argue against such a policy.

  14. Bloke in North Dorset


    Sorry, I knew you were making a sarcastic point, I meant to reinforce it, not have a dig at you.

  15. @JuliaM, April 21, 2022 at 11:05 am
    We used to have lions in Scotland, MC. Just sayin’…

    Now Scotlands been taken over by hyenas, vultures and vampires

  16. We need to transfer more food land over to wildlife. And use the remaining food land less efficiently. Hmmm…. run that one past me again.

  17. Pcar, that’s not fair to the hyenas and vultures.
    The first are very effective hunters on par with lions, and the second are actually useful and necessary to clean up the mess left by the lions and hyenas..

  18. @jgh
    Yep, use the remaining food land less efficiently. It works as Sri Lanka shows…

    …to achieve eco terrorists & Bill Gates aim of no humans

    Apologies, maybe foxes and vampires would be better analogy

    I stick with vultures as SNP excel in sweeping their mess under carpet with msm operating the broom

  19. As George Harrison said earlier, “management” means “culling” and that regrettably is often necessary. Elephants for example just don’t know when to stop.

  20. Grikath, hyenas aren’t great hunters. They are great scavengers. They love little more than to chase a pride of lion off a kill.

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