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Anyone prepared to do this?

Find Marine’s actual policy manifesto, see how close it is to Corbynism? I’d reckon pretty close, but don’t have the French to be able to say so….

19 thoughts on “Anyone prepared to do this?”

  1. Many political commentators say that Le Pen is right wing. They aren’t very good political commentators. Or they have a narrative to follow.

  2. Many political commentators.

    Including, of course, the bbc, in whose totally impartial and objective headline article this morning Marine Le Pen is called “Far Right”, Eric Zemmour is “even more Hardline” while Jean-Luc Melenchon is “veteran Far Left”.

    I wonder who they want to win.

    P.s. does anyone Corbyn being described as veteran Far Left in the run-up to our election?

  3. Look, it’s not difficult. For the right, the left right dichotomy is collectivism vs. individualism. For the left it’s internationalism vs. nationalism, the later being of course the same as fascism. So it doesn’t matter how communist you are, if you want to put your county first and throw the wogs out, you are far right.

  4. I’m having a look now. It’s surprisingly thin on economic content. Renationalise the motorways and reduce tolls by 15%, privatise public TV channels and scrap the licence fee. Some tinkering by around youth apprenticeships, free off-peak transport for under-25s. Bigger tax reductions for parents of multiple children, no increase in pension age. Dismantle wind turbines, build nuclear. Spend €20bn more on health.

    Here’s the Corbo bit:

    impôt sur la fortune financière, pour taxer la spéculation

    Here’s the Murphy bit, a sovereign wealth fund:

    Créer un « fonds souverain français » pour augmenter la rémunération de l’épargne des Français et l’orienter vers des secteurs stratégiques et l’innovation.

    In the detail she says the fund will promise 2% returns to investors; and the fund’s first investment will be buying up all the privately-owned motorways (see above).

    It’s 9am and work beckons, I’ll leave it to others to digest the rest.

    Most of it is PDF documents so alas you can’t just run Google Translate on them.

  5. Without going into details (Google Translate should provide a good enough translation) the manifesto says
    – get out of Europe, with all its evil, cloying, stupid rules and regulations
    – reform the structure of government, simplifying and reducing the number of levels
    – get out of NATO, but move defense spending from an immediate 2% towards 3% of GDP
    – damn all wind generators, but invest in renewables
    – make it much easier for companies to start, get going, and succeed through massive reductions in paperwork
    – close down/deport/remove/ any jihadists and their mosques
    – “intelligent protectionism” in all fields to let France grow and prosper
    – better health care, pensions and all
    – be unfriendly to foreign, successful corporations, especially if they smell of the Anglo-Saxon

    Doesn’t sound very Corbynistic…

  6. Oooh; I read the stuff here:

    ..which is the set of 144 promises to the people of France from the party as a whole. Andrew hit upon the actual manifesto.

    But Andrew is wrong on one thing – it’s easy to use Goog to translate. Simply go to and there on the page you will see you can do an instant translate, translate a Document, or translate a website. So download the .pdf of your choice, choose Document; elect the downloaded doc on your machine, Upload, Translate, Download et voila!

    [I didn’t Goog – my errors of interpretation are the results of my lack of vocabulary in lingam Francesca]

  7. @SadButMadLad – April 11, 2022 at 6:02 am

    Many political commentators say that Le Pen is right wing.

    Probably many of the ones who refer to the BNP as “far right”.

    They aren’t very good political commentators.

    They certainly aren’t. Anyone who’d spent more than five minutes looking at the BNP’s manifesto would have realised that it’s far-left – it resembled the late Michael Foot’s alarming manifesto (“the longest suicide-note in history”) just with added racism.

    I think that “far-right” has entered into “poli-speak” as shorthand for “something/one that we don’t like”, in much the way that a “cut” actually means “a reduced increase”.

  8. I think that “far-right” has entered into “poli-speak” as shorthand for “something/one that we don’t like”, in much the way that a “cut” actually means “a reduced increase”.

    “right-wing” was Stalin’s favourite insult. He denounced Trotsky as right-wing as an excuse to have him murdered. And as Stalin is the 20th century’s acceptable face of industrial-scale mass murder (to the left, anyway) they are quite happy to repeat stalinist propaganda that fascism is somehow of the right.

  9. What BiTiN says. There are vague parallels with Corbyn – he wanted to nationalise the water companies, she wants to nationalise the motorways – but overall it’s a very different focus. The manifesto has a top-level overview PDF and 18 more PDFs for individual topics, including healthcare, family, child protection, animal protection, security (crime), immigration control; but not the economy.

    The economy is doing fine (by French standards), so she’s doing the smart thing by not talking about it.

    Most of it is tinkering around the edges, as you’d expect in a party which is serious about getting elected and doesn’t want to scare the horses.

  10. Le Pen’s core policy is the same as the EU’s, but just for France: France first, protectionist, State Intervention in business, subsidies for uncompetitive market sectors, more labour protection and social welfare.

    It used to be called Dirigisme which was State directed economic policy rather than regulatory, the exact same as Fascist economic policy, business in private hands, directed by the State to serve the interests of the State. Dirigisme is the polite French word for Fascism without the emotional baggage the latter carries.

    The EEC, begat EU, was modelled on Dirigisme, not a surprise since France was the lead constructor of it.

    Le Pen’s Party just wants a return to early days EEC/EU where France – do as I say not as I do -enjoyed all the benefits but none of the obligations.

  11. Aren’t right and left wing in many ways meaningless?
    On Nuclear power and Islam she is very different from Corbyn.

  12. @David – “Aren’t right and left wing in many ways meaningless?”

    They’re only one dimension. Instead of just a left-right line, consider it a triangle with left-right at the base and authoritarian-libertarian vertically. At the bottom left vertex you have extreme left, at bottom right you have extreme right, and at the top, anarchy. Taking racism as an example, the extreme left demands that you consider everyone as if they were perfectly identical, while the extreme right demands that you consider some inferior to others. As you move away from the bottom, both left and right turn milder. So, for example, at the left end you gradually allow some discrimination, and at the right end you gradually allow for exceptions (e.g. all citizens are equal, but immigrants are treated in a racist manner). When you get all the way to anarchy, you are allowed to do anything, so the distinction between left and right disappears.

    We keep talking about left and right in politics because all politicians like forcing their policies on people, yet people dislike being forced to do things, so we hover in a band part way up the triangle.

  13. @BiFR
    It’s France – Jew-baiting has been a national sport for centuries and remains extremely popular.

  14. At least in the West, the term “far-right” has always been ascribed to people and parties based on perceived archetypes. Mitt Romney didn’t lose to Obama in 2012 because he actually had a far-right platform, but because his media portrayal matched the archetype of the sociopathic douchebag white CEO that you see in every movie from the 90s.

    Trump didn’t start any wars and he left the majority of government control to the state and local level during his presidency. San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, NYC and Minneapolis were still allowed to be as leftist as they wanted to be. But Trump matched the archetype of a womanizing, boisterous date rapist, hence the visceral reaction from the blue-haired rabble-rousers. It was easier for them to view him as the guy who bullied them in high school, than as Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack.

    Even Ted Cruz, a son of Cuban immigrants who didn’t write mean tweets, was “too creepy looking” for leftists, and they nicknamed him “Eddy Munster.”

    So, basically, our electorate votes for Saturday Night Live characters, not actual candidates.

  15. @David
    It doesn’t have to be the same groups that are considered inferior (obviously – an extreme right Jew would not choose Jews as the group to feel superior to). But in any case, it’s quite possible that the Italians were not as extreme right as the Nazis.

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