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‘E’ll be rubbing his hands with glee here

Employees have threatened to leave the company in protest at his plan to support more free speech, according to a leaked recording.

Those who want to go over such a policy are those who would have to go anyway. Resignation is cheaper than firing, even in the US. Options and stock don’t vest on resignation, while they might on firing just to make it easier…..

“My goal is to maximize area under the curve of total human happiness, which means the around 80pc of people in the middle.”

Utility maximisation – someone’s recalled his econ classes.

20 thoughts on “‘E’ll be rubbing his hands with glee here”

  1. ..yes, they’ll tell themselves that, for the defense of freedom, they’ll stay and fight fascist patriarchal billionaire autocracy.

    Then they’ll get fired, with a bit of luck.

    Twitter isn’t unionized, right?

  2. Leslie Berland, chief marketing officer at Twitter, asked the question on behalf of employees in her role as moderator at the meeting.
    She said: “How does the board and Mr Musk plan on dealing with a mass exodus considering the acquisition is by a person with questionable ethics?”

    Mibbe professionalism and not being a crying little bitch are also one of them white male cishet privilege thingies.

  3. Yes. Hard to see her qualification to be chief marketing officer. Questionable ethics being a key requirement of marketing.

  4. I notice that none of these people had a problem when the company was run by a billionaire beardy oddball whose hard drive could probably do with checking.

  5. Wonder what she thought about Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia. Did he still own 5% at the time of the sale? Assuming he’s the only “problematic” shareholder (not true either) then if you think the activities of the Saudi royal family are twenty times worse than anything Musk proposes (LGBT and women’s rights being so important these days, let alone issues like voting and the death penalty, I can’t see how the 20x barrier isn’t breached) then on average the new ownership is less problematic than the old.

    Or maybe she (and the other workers) just rationalised away the old ownership when she was benefitting from it.

  6. ‘I suspect as many will actually do this as celebrities left the US when Trump was elected…’

    Yes Julia!!!

  7. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    It appears Musk is going to let this play out a bit. He’s started signalling to certain members of senior management that they need to be looking elsewhere, but for the most part he’s kept quiet about what he intends to do and how he intends to do it. The snowflakes will have plenty of time to find other employment if they want it. Musk seems to understand that this is a political issue… He’s letting corporate media and the Biden Administration show everyone their true colors. That is going to work in his favor.

    The other thing to remember is this: We really don’t know how many employees are genuinely upset about this takeover. We’re hearing things out of the loudest 1% at this point.

  8. Ideal scenario under Elon Econ:

    Step 1. Bring free speech to Twitter

    Step 2. More conservatives and moderates start working for Twitter, bringing more of them to San Francisco, NYC and other office locations.

    Step 3. New free speech policies allow people to voice honest opinions of progressive policies and the city leaders who implement them.

    Step 4. More and more tech companies, upon seeing Twitter’s success, begin easing their CRT strategies. More conservatives and moderates flock to these blue states.

    Step 5. Over the long-term, Elon saves democrat-run cities by bringing their voter demographics back toward the middle.

  9. Dennis, The Harry Kane Of Central Ohio

    What nobody’s discussing at the moment – largely because the chattering classes see everything through the prism of politics – is the possibility that Elon Musk bought Twitter to make money. Its potential, it seems to me, is largely untapped. The platform hasn’t had a significant upgrade in years. Providing an improved product, along with transparency in areas such as verification, could easily lead to far more people using the product… Leading to profit levels far exceeding what the company has produced to date.

    Musk has chosen to present the purchase of Twitter in terms of free speech, but I have no doubt he is planning to use Twitter to take aim at Instagram, Tik Tok, and perhaps even Facebook. Elon Musk doesn’t think small… That is one thing we know for sure.

  10. I think the idea of bringing Twitter back to the mid-point of public opinion by removing built-in bias (both technical and cultural) within the internal organisation, openly courting conservative and/or dissenting voices (especially those both banned and shadow-banned by the libtards) has merit.

    As both a user and someone with a development background, Elon Musk probably has a pretty short list of improvements that should be made ASAP, like blue-tick equivalent for well known plebs, time-limited edit capability, etc.

    All of this could lead to user numbers increasing substantially and therefore the value of the company overall.

    While this is being played as a culture wars battle, it’s more likely that he sees the woke/libtard attitudes and policies of the company are actually holding it back and by removing those barriers can make money.

    Any cultural impact, especially in the free-speech domain is good for PR and a bonus overall, but this is about money.

  11. While this is being played as a culture wars battle

    It sort of is (in that culture wars are just a disguised means of grabbing and centralising power), and Apple and Google have already announced what they think of this crazy, racist “free speech” idea by saying they’ll block Twitter from their app stores if they don’t shut the right people up.

    but this is about money.

    I have no idea what Musk’s motivation is (I assume it’s not principles), but the Woke Jihad of 2012- isn’t about money. If it was, they wouldn’t be driving lots of customers out of the mainstream internet, cancelling their PayPal accounts, alienating audiences, etc.

    Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos have plenty of money. I feel sure an honest Maslowite hierarchy would have money in the top third, but the ability to dominate other people like the Pharaoh God-Kings of old at the very apex.

    Shitlibs used to be terrified that Internet tyrants were Ayn Rand fans, turned out they were more into Aleister Crowley all along.

  12. Dennis, Clear-Eyed As Always

    While this is being played as a culture wars battle, it’s more likely that he sees the woke/libtard attitudes and policies of the company are actually holding it back and by removing those barriers can make money.


    I also think he despises most of the tech billionaires he’s come in contact with… Musk has made it quite clear (publicly) that he thinks Bill Gates is as phony as a three dollar bill. Twitter will allow him to inflict a measure of pain on people like Gates and Zuckerberg, and I think that is something he very much looks forward to.

  13. “While this is being played as a culture wars battle, it’s more likely that he sees the woke/libtard attitudes and policies of the company are actually holding it back and by removing those barriers can make money.”

    I’m sure of it. Although the political-media complex likes to think of it as the modern-day public forum, in its core markets only 1 out of 5 people has a Twitter account. Now, sure, you could just as well say that a website for publishing short messages signing up 20% of the population is pretty good going, but given its importance there’s clearly a huge number of people who could be on there but aren’t.

  14. While this is being played as a culture wars battle, it’s more likely that he sees the woke/libtard attitudes and policies of the company are actually holding it back and by removing those barriers can make money.

    Yup. It’s much like Henry Ford paying his workers a “living wage.” He didn’t give a shit about the ethics of it all, but he knew it would take talent away from his competitors.

    Not saying Elon is doing all of this out of the goodness of his heart, but in certain/many cases, doing the right thing is simply good business sense. And judging by what he’s been saying, Elon understands the human component and gravity of what he is doing. Hands down the most down-to-earth and in-touch out of the richest men in the world.

  15. I love the diversity of intellectual opinion amongst the richest men in the world:
    Jeff Bezos
    Elon Musk
    Bill Gates
    Warren Buffett
    Steve Jobs if only he’d lived.
    Mark Zuckerberg
    Sergey Brin
    So that’s not a complete list, and they’re all white dudes and male but they’ve got on thing in common for which I can only say:
    GOD Frigging Bless America.
    What an amazing country in spite of its politicians.

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