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Guardianistas, eh?

My husband of more than 30 years decided to grow his hair long about three years ago. Sex has always been important to us and I have always felt strongly sexually attracted to him. But he is 59, with thin, fine grey hair and, as far as I am concerned, this is not a good look. I’m struggling to maintain our previous spark.

A wife of 30 years who cannot manage husband into getting a hair cut?

obviously he is his own man and if he likes the way he looks, I can’t change that.

Good grief.

20 thoughts on “Guardianistas, eh?”

  1. I know someone who was told by his wife to get a hair cut. He didn’t want to. And didn’t get it cut for ages just to show who’s in charge. He now wears his hair in dreadlocks. He’s white by the way.

  2. I’m just amazed the issue was that she didn’t feel she could ask him to change his hair, and not his gender, given the source…

  3. Well women have always considered they have a natural right to dictate how men look, they are outraged if men comment on their personal appearance; in this age of so called equality of the sexes too! After all the husbands might be non-binary!

  4. I never told my wife how to wear her hair, or what clothes to wear. She returned the sentiment. It’s called getting along in a relationship.

  5. “How can his wife let him go around looking like that ? “
    My thoughts at times. The Brits who show up here. Balding & about 5 stone overweight dressed in a Newcastle United football strip & baggy shorts. In February. I avoid speaking English anywhere near them.

  6. “With your physician, consider options to boost your libido.”
    Maybe a new relationship is best?

  7. If the new look keeps the mistress/boyfriend happy, he’s probably not all that worried about what the wife thinks.

  8. I agree with the wife (saves time): unless you have Sean Connery’s $1m wig from The Rock (1996) or are Sir Ian McKellen whilst playing a wizard, long grey hair isn’t a good look on men. Get a haircut, you hippy twat.

    women have always considered they have a natural right to dictate how men look

    Yarp, and so they do. It’s when they stop caring that husbands should worry.

  9. long grey hair isn’t a good look on men.

    Depends on whether you look after it. A well groomed mane of silver hair can look very good.

    Get a haircut, you hippy twat.

    You do your thing and I’ll do mine. People who dare to tell me to get a haircut are usually give brief but explicit instructions regarding sex and travel. Not that mine is that grey, though. A slight Mallen streak is all. The ladies seem to like it. At least the ones I meet anyway.

  10. Longrider – we’ve already established that hippies and cavaliers always lose, this is known.

    Nobody can pull off the Russell Brand new age guru look, not even Russell Brand. Guy looks like he can turn water into weed.

  11. Given the change in Pamela Stephenson’s own appearance since she graced Not the Nine O’Clock News, she should be well-placed to advise. More broadly, she has turned into the very thing she used to lampoon.

  12. Er, the Cavaliers ultimately won. 1660 and all that. Cromwell was executed even though he was already dead. I guess they wanted to make sure. Long hair predates even that, although it made a comeback in the 18th century. The hippies were a brief aberration, but long hair is not synonymous with hippies unless you are stuck in some sort of 1950s time warp.

    What matters is that my late wife liked it and so does my current lady friend, so I’ll stick to the longer hair thanks. And I look nothing like Russell Brand. I’m almost insulted.

  13. If he’s still got a fullish head of hair – tell him to dye it. Then he’ll have to hide from to escape constantly having his pants torn off;)

    I’m 50 with no gray – but half my hair’s gone. You can hide gray hair, you can’t hide no hair.

  14. Longrider – And I look nothing like Russell Brand. I’m almost insulted.

    I mean, the guy has had more pussy than all the food critics in Peking, so there must be some women out there who inexplicably like the Byronesque sex-haver aesthetic.

  15. She married a guy who suddenly becomes unattractive when he grows out his hair.

    Would you marry a woman if she became unshaggable after getting her hair cut too short? You gotta think through these scenarios when you choose. This is elementary stuff, here.

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