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India Knight does it again!

So, today’s column is about how naughty it is that women drink at wineoclock. Tsk, I mean Tsk!

India Knight nine months back:

India Knight: ‘I woke up one morning and thought, very clearly, “I don’t want to drink alcohol any more”’ I haven’t had a drink for a year. Normally saying this sort of thing precedes a long piece about recovery from addiction, but that doesn’t apply to me — at least, I don’t think so.

So, so, female columnist, eh? If I’m not then you’re bad – and of course society must change entirely to stop you – for doing so.

2 thoughts on “India Knight does it again!”

  1. Stood by her vile partner Eric Joyce through five arrests, numerous incidents of drunken violence and then conviction for child pornography … but sneers at women who like to drink wine in the evening. Strange set of values.

  2. I don’t read the Times these days, but the Telegraph is full of articles from former soaks telling us that “we” need to reduce or stop our drinking. Apparently there is no state between teetotal and alkie….

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