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Together we are the Mile End Road economists. The name is deliberate. The Mile End Road leaves the City for the east end in Bow, and beyond. From there the perspective is very different from that in the City, whose views tend to prevail in economics in the UK. By looking at the world from beyond the City gates we appreciate things are very different. We think policy has to be written to suit the needs of the Mile End Road.

Oh. Stepney Ward, which edges onto the Mile End Road.

He’s going to have difficulty funding everything with bonds paying interest, isn’t he?

17 thoughts on “Interesting”

  1. I’m always relieved when Murphy joins one of these groups; his personality should ensure that it soon collapses into ineffective infighting.

  2. Mile End Road? Mostly in Pakistan although it extends into Bangladesh in the east. Economics? Cash in hand is usual although transfers can be done via hawala at many corner stores.

  3. Has this something to do with the Poly opposite the Fountain? Some fair totty but not the brightest in the land. More students of painting by numbers than economists

  4. Given the proximity to the Great Bell of Bow (“I do not know” from the nursery rhyme) I think they should call themselves the Bell End Economists.

  5. @philip
    The Bow church referred to is to the west of the Bank of England. Not to be confused with the Bow close to the ford on the River Lea gives Stratford its name. It’s bells are the ones I’m supposed to have been born within the sound of. If anyone could hear them above the traffic. So really only applies to the very eastern end of Mile End Road with a following wind. Cockney is not synonymous with East Ender. Thank God!

  6. Come to think of it, they must have been audible in Southwark which would let those strange tribes Sarf of the River qualify & would be an abomination beyond belief.

  7. It’s still London, which is a world in and of itsaelf and has very little relevance to the rest of the UK..

  8. How many residents are even aware of the existence of the economists who wankgabble on their behalf?

  9. Diogenes: the wankgabblers are just being pretentious, as is their wont. I doubt their natural habitat is the Mile End Road.

    Given the environment they think we should all be living in, I would have no problem in seeing them in the village main street in the film Jabberwocky, preferably in the stocks.

  10. I can’t see the Mile End Road giving a tinker’s cuss about nonsense like ‘The Green New Deal’ or ‘Sustainable Cost Accounting’ – so if he’s writing for that audience he might want to remodel some concepts…

  11. Barely even qualifies as being part of the UK, these days, Grikath. Particularly the area mentioned. It’s now a suburb of Islamabad.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ I think I might refer to them as the Wit’s End economists.”

    Bell End economists might be more apt.

  13. Mile End Road does NOT leave the City – it never gets within a stone’s throw of the City. FYI there are no “Road”s in the City – it only has “Street”s and “Lane”s and “Hill”s.
    Murphy is demonstrating his ignorance yet again.

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