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It’s The Truth, d’ye see?

All Tindle’s titles were decidedly local. Editors printed lists of funeral mourners and flower-show winners in a way that once gave the weekly Somerset Guardian Standard 125 per cent penetration in Frome — in other words, a quarter of the population were buying more than one copy a week.

As Sir Pterry puts it, get all the winners, and the competitors, names in the paper then they’ll all buy a copy to see their name in the paper.

Of course, Sir Pterry’s apprenticeship was on just such a paper – tho’ I don’t know if it was one of this group.

10 thoughts on “It’s The Truth, d’ye see?”

  1. This is how I’ve written election leaflets for decades. Your local councillor has had the drains fixed on Treacle Mine Road, Upper Boundings, Long Pig Street, The Batts and Grope Lane. Ooo look, my street is named in the newssheet!

  2. Sir Pterry’s first job was on our local rag, the Bucks Free Press, now part of Newsquest. I’ve heard him talk locally about this start, and the debt he owed to Beaconsfield library for most of his education.

  3. He started on the Bucks Free Press in Beaconsfield, then the Western Daily Press and the Bath Chronicle (which to my mind has always explained why his description of the Ankh Morpork post office bears a passing resemblance to the old Bath PO opposite Waitrose)

  4. Bloke in the Fourth Reich said:
    “The Democratic party will be calling up for tips.”

    Rather how the Lib Dems do things here.

    Rhoda, very good, made me laugh.

  5. You’re making me think of the fuss about Katherine Deves being picked for Warringah. She’s been violently criticised for saying trans children were surgically mutilated and sterilised.

    Perhaps ScMo was right to put her up for the seat. After all, in the last election, it was the coal lovers who turned the vote in the Libs favour.

    Now that ScoMo is grovelling abjectly to the Greens, it’s not a bad idea to to have a candidate who appeals to the Neanderthals like me. Especially since Tony probably lost the seat because he pissed off the Chinese voters. In my limited experience, the Chinese have very little time for the more insane bullshit of the loony left.

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