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Just wondering how this job could be done

Actually, I think Steve is the only one among us who could do this properly:

Hello! We are, a group of talented creatives looking to grow our team & shake up the crypto world with hilarious video content and… we want YOU to join the fun! Submit as many spec scripts as often as you’d like, ranging from 1/2 page to 2 pages in length. If your spec script is selected… We Pay You $100! Become a consistent winner & get considered for a permanent role.

Not worth doing, as they’ll only pay for accepted scripts which is a lousy way to try and work. But really not sure how you would write comic crypto scripts – not unless you were taking the piss out of the very idea which isn’t the point here at all.

6 thoughts on “Just wondering how this job could be done”

  1. Can’t see how anyone’s ever going to get paid. If there really is a market for this stuff, you send them your stuff, they maybe rewrite it a bit to cover themselves & flog it. You never hear anything more. How would you know any different?
    Still, as with the other supposed job below, there’s a vast pool of “talent” amongst all those with useless university degrees. If they were stupid enough to fall for that con they’ll be stupid enough to fall for this.

  2. Or it may be just a hook for some dodgy crypto scheme. Getting the mark to participate in something is a pretty standard con tactic.

  3. Sure, you could watch long tutorial videos, or listen to drawn-out podcasts on the ins & outs of blockchain technology… OR you can laugh along at this crazy movement while learning trends, lingo, popular brands, and fundamentals.

    From their site.

    Hook, line, sinker for crypto suckers investors?
    Looks like a way to sell shovels during a goldrush to me.

  4. Neat bit of deception on pay too!

    Pay: $100.00 per hour
    If your spec script is selected… We Pay You $100!

    And is the $100 per script based on running time or a flat fee (because my experience of writing corporate video scripts was paid on a per minute basis)?

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