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It would cost around £50 billion to save people from the hunger, the cold, the poverty and the despair they are now facing. That money is available tonight. It would take a few keystrokes on a Bank of England keyboard to create it, instantly. So why won’t the government do it?

Let’s beat inflation by printing money.

14 thoughts on “Lovely”

  1. Maybe we can burn wheelbarrows full of money to stay warm.

    Oh wait, that’s not carbon neutral.

    Anybody – anybody? Bueller Bueller? -flabbered of gast to see us enter the worst cost of living crisis in at least two generations, and our government, which did everything it could to create the crisis, now desperately wants to talk about Volodymir Zelensky (fap, fap fap) and banning mental health therapy for trannies instead?

  2. Well the inflation has a number of causes, but among three primary are: money printing and Modern Monetary theory, the rush to ‘Net Zero’ and COVID lockdowns, all of which Murphy advocated, so he is directly responsible for the poverty facing millions. Of course as one of the most evil men extant in the world today he has no shame, no regret or no sense of unease at what he has done. Truly a genuinely deranged individual.

  3. From one of yesterday’s Twatter rants he says
    “£50bn of new cash assisting families to get through this crisis, quickly, can solve inflation”
    Positively deranged.

  4. Lemme see.. The nearest country that does things mostly the way the Elyan Sage envisions ( except that they’re Holding It Wrong, of course.. Spudology 101..) is the nation headed by a certain mr. Erdogan.

    Of which nation I was informed by the Morning Propaganda that this nation currently has an inflation of 61%, up from 54% or so from last month….

    So, ummm.. Yeah… Stellar idea.

  5. He’s previously said that inflation is a way of redistributing wealth – part of the point for him of never repaying government debt is that it gets inflated away (if he acknowledges it exists in the first place).

    To the extent that he’s thought about it at all, he would probably say that any inflation created by helicoptering money in would affect everyone in the economy equally, but the helicopter money would protect the deserving. So there’s no problem: the net result is that the deserving are better off; anyone who’s worse off overall is clearly undeserving. Inflation is a feature, not a bug.

  6. Put another way: what he means by ‘solving inflation’ is ‘ensuring that people don’t have their spending power reduced by inflation’.

    If the pound in my pocket is worth half what it was, but you give me a second one, then I’m alright – problem solved. The pound in your pocket being worth half what it was is irrelevant, because you shouldn’t have it anyway.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    Spud not caring about inflation is another way of telling us he isn’t smart enough to have saved enough to start thinking about retiring.

  8. BiND,

    He plans to keep working through old age. His is the rare job where being senile actually works to his advantage, as you may have noticed from his increasingly deranged ramblings.

  9. £50 billion to solve poverty, hunger, cold and despair for how long? Does that money last each of those people for the rest of their lives? Endless supply of food? Enough firewood to go around for a century? That lump sum simply solves all of that? It’s almost as if Ritchie pulled that number out of his arse.

    Karl Pilkington helped to rebuild some huts in the slums of Johannesburg, South Africa. Each of the 500,000 huts there cost I believe £500. But they apparently don’t last forever. It’s still a shit area, with no running water or electricity, rife with disease and despair. No relevant skills or education to get most of those people out of that situation. Maybe if the socialist government was less powerful and less corrupt, and any cultural impediments to success were dealt with, it would take a lot less than £50 billion to solve most of these problems.

  10. Why stop at 50 billion when simply by adding more zeros – ‘a few keystrokes’ – we could all live like Russian oligarchs?

  11. He is not alone in this. The government for example are in the same place. Failed to understand that the issue is a shortage in supply of gas and oil caused by zero carbon policies. We have compounded it by banning coal. And by not having in place replacement of the nuclear baseload. OK, given the cost you can understand the latter, but replacing it with wind and solar is a folly too far.
    That we still have a price cap hiding consumers from the true cost of energy merely compounds it.

  12. That we still have a price cap hiding consumers from the true cost of energy merely compounds it.

    You’d think the shade of Diocletian would be sick-and-tired of being awoken every time his “Edict Concerning the Sale Price of Goods”(Edictum de Pretiis Rerum Venalium) is resurrected, but apparently not.

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