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Prof Richard Murphy, a Sheffield University academic who co-founded the Tax Justice Network, said: “Domicile has nothing to do with a person’s nationality. In other words, the claims made in the statement issued by Ms Murty are wrong.”

Emphatic and wrong. That’s Spud…..

7 thoughts on “Oh dear”

  1. Bloke in Cornwall

    I mean, technically speaking, moving country and applying for citizenship are not based on nationality (sometimes). So, for a rather miniscule minority, their country of domicile isn’t based on nationality.

    For the very much larger majority, it very much is!

  2. Domicile has nothing to do with a person’s nationality.

    As usual with spud it’s a half-truth. Yes, technically they are different, but at the same time the correlation between the two is pretty close to perfect and the larger the population the closer you get (the worlds poorest tend not to legally and permanently immigrate to foreign countries)

    The vast majority of people have the same nationality and domicile, but not everyone.

  3. When I lived in Hong Kong I paid UK tax on my UK income resulting from my UK assets. Surely that’s Lord Spudcup’s insistance, income must be taxed where it arises.

  4. There’s a considerable number of wealthy Indians in the UK, aren’t there? And these sorts of dynastic marriages are common amongst the wealthy in that community. So one would imagine there’s more than a few Indian wives in much the same tax situation as Rishi’s other half.
    Remarkably brave of the illustrious professor to be opining so fulsomely & widely. They’re not a community known for taking harassment gladly. Or to put it another way, they don’t mess about. If I was him I’d be careful who I opened the door to & be keeping a close eye on passing cars.

  5. @BiS: Thanks for the glorious vision of Spud being victim of a drive by shooting with Rishi as driver and Ms. Murthy in the passenger seat with an Uzi 9mm. 😀

    That will stay with me for a while.

    As it is I think that unlikely. I’m pretty sure Spud is safe from the ravages and rampages of the Indian mafia. 😀

  6. I was actually serious Mr G. I would imagine the cost of creating ex-professors of political economy is small change.

  7. In countries like NZ a very significant portion of those domiciled here are not NZ citizens.

    Something like a quarter of people here will have been in that position during their lives.

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