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One of those shuddering echoes of just how shit history was

Her mother, Andolyn, after whom she was named, died giving birth to her and she was christened over the coffin in the Welsh tradition.

Death in childbirth being common enough to have a tradition about it.

9 thoughts on “One of those shuddering echoes of just how shit history was”

  1. Like Jonathan, I immediately thought of the sainted NHS’s demands for ‘natural’ childbirth. I’m surprised they haven’t tried to bring this tradition back. Tho they tend to kill the baby more than the mother…….

  2. If you called a women’s volunteer group “FANY” these days, 57 varieties of shit would hit the fan.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    The present is so much better: we cut out the middle-(clergy)-man and the foetus and despatch the clinical waste to the incinerator.

  4. I once wrote a reference for a friend who wanted to be a FANY… I think she thought having an officer, albeit one wearing light blue, would be helpful.

  5. TMB

    I wonder if those who judge the past by present standards think about the similar judgment awaiting their activities. As you write, what’s so good about present standards anyway?

  6. Horrifically white line-up on that website, SE! Hardly a tinted pair of legs in sight. You should be ashamed of linking to it. Anyone would think the enrichment wasn’t public spirited.

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