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Put your $44 billion back on your pants Elon

The Sage of Ely has spoken:

In other words, the right to promote harm towards others and hatred of another person might be permitted again, because that is what Trump did.

Where do regulators stand on this?

People Spud doesn’t like shouldn’t be allowed to say things.

19 thoughts on “Put your $44 billion back on your pants Elon”

  1. Given the amount of vitriol he spouts against all and sundry how does he not violate his own absurd ‘Social consensus’? – he seems to think of his inane witterings as some kind of equivalent to the Ten Commandments. What a cretin.

  2. Anyone who without qualification calls Tories fascists, who posts “The Tories are the enemy of the survival of human life here on earth” and who promotes sedition is probably best described as a Pedo guy.

  3. I don’t know about Mr Musk but I am already getting good value out of his acquisition. Based on recent history, the commies, trannies, racial grievance-mongers and sundry other mentalists & wankers will be paying out a bleating and wailing dividend for years to come.

  4. hatred of another person might be permitted again

    But wait, he hasn’t thought of the other natural human emotions that may be unleashed…sadness, shame, pride, content, apprehension, giddiness, uncertainty.

    I shudder to think of the repercussions.

  5. I don’t know why the socialists have such a problem with an African American buying twatter. Is he Jewish by any chance, that might explain it?

  6. All the tech sites I follow are “reminding” everyone they’re on Mastodon. It’s hilarious.

  7. @Bloke in Wales I’ve seen a fair few comments referencing Musk as a product of apartheid and clearly implying he supported the system

  8. The Washington Post just ran an article about how to delete all your tweets and leave. All their concerns, from security issues to misinformation are part of the system as it stands. At no point do they actually specify one actual thing Musk will do to make Twitter worse.

    We’re going to have to call it Musk Derangement Syndrome.

    Many of these same people made him fabulously rich in the first place, using PayPal, buying Teslas, supporting SpaceX. They don’t seem to be able to join those dots to Twitter though.

    My guess: he’ll get into Twitter, shake a few things, then quickly sell out at a profit. The new company, freed of some of its loonier left-wing bias will be more profitable with him gone.

  9. There needs to be a balance between free speech and order. A society with total freedom of speech is anarchic and brutal. A society with no freedom of speech is also cruel and brutal. There needs to be a balance.
    There need to be laws protecting privacy, against hate speech, against bullying, against death threats, against accusing people of being child abusers, against people supporting the holocaust, against copyright infringement, against giving away police or army secret operations, trademark protection, against slander, against child pornography, against illegal pornography, against incitement to violence, against support of domestic abuse.
    There has to debate about what is acceptable and what should be punished.
    People should always be free to criticise the government, but not bully ordinary people.
    What if someone accused innocent people of terrible things or bullied them to suicide? Evil people need to be punished.

    Total freedom of speech is impossible.

  10. Posting hurty words about people is not ‘bullying’. If anyone has ever committed suicide because of a Tweet, it’s fair to say that “the balance of their mind was disturbed”.

  11. As a Jewish guy who was relentlessly bullied as a child, to the point of attempting suicide, there is no such thing as cyberbullying or “hate speech.” It is child abuse to shelter children and leave them ill-prepared to deal with life. That includes statements supporting the Holocaust or any other disgusting ideas.

    You aren’t ridding the world of a problem by covering it up, but are only allowing it to fester under the radar. Hitler came to power not because he said naughty words, but because he took the government by force and silenced the good speech. Speech does not lead to genocide. Violence leads to genocide. The removal of freedoms leads to genocide.

    In a free society, bad words and ideas are all allowed, and it is the responsibility of people like you to convince people of the good ideas. If that’s too much to ask of you, then you never much supported the good ideas to begin with, at least not when you really needed to.

    To think there are people who are too fragile or too animalistic to handle free speech is only you insulting those very people.

    There are already laws protecting privacy and property. Those are not speech.

    It is already illegal to incite violence. Having doubts about an election is not inciting violence.

    Slander and libel are already illegal. Much like discrimination, you need actual evidence to prove intent. If you’ve lived in the U.S. for 5 minutes then you know why that is.

    Giving away police or army operations? What if it’s the police in Beijing? Or the Russian army? Killing innocent civilians?

    It baffles me how a grown adult can still be ignorant enough to confuse child pornography with speech. Our society has fallen so far, that people actually consider abuse to be some sort of self-expression.

  12. Vdhfjfjvknfb It is right to ban child pornography. Even if that is a limitation on freedom of speech. You are baffled because you do not think things through.
    Bullying is evil. People who support bullying are evil. Bullies should be punished. A society which allows bullying is cruel and evil. It does not toughen up kids to destroy their self confidence and give them PTSD. Abuse of children is evil. Would you allow old ladies to be be bullied by gangs to suicide?
    Laws protecting privacy, copyright, and army operations are an infringements on freedom of speech.
    There are plenty of areas where there needs to be freedom of speech but there plenty of areas where it needs to be balanced out against the need for order, and protecting people from bullying and discrimination.
    Imagine if some creep did revenge porn to your wife. That would be wrong,

  13. David Mortensen

    Bullying should be banned in schools and adulthood.
    If a bullies is racist, sexist, homophobic, or hates shy people,then they should be reformed and not allowed to bully people to suicide.
    School Bullying can often include stuff that is illegal, like stalking, harassment, mugging, violence, robbery, slander, an invasion of privacy etc:. If some kids mug another kid for money they should be proportionally punished for mugging people.
    It seems some people allow bullies to get away with horrific abuse if they are 13 when they do it.
    How does that educate people for adult life?
    It just allows bullies to get away with murder.

    And there are plenty of areas where order and protection, and financial security are more important than freedom of speech. It is a balance. There should be freedom to criticise the government but not bully old vulnerable ladies to suicide. For instance how would you feel if some revealed your bank details online? Would you justify them doing that in terms of freedom of speech.

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