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Recessions happen once every seven years

Or, you know, there or thereabouts. Spud’s been predicting one for 7 years. He might even be about right soon enough.

Of course, he’s never going to accept that the recession is part and parcel of MMT though, is he?

4 thoughts on “Recessions happen once every seven years”

  1. Recessions result from an indusufficient application of Modern Monetary Tuber to the economy.

  2. Modern Potato Theory says that the wise State can always spend its way out of recession.

    Any inflation will be merely coincidental, the fault of neoliberal greed and supply crises, and not at all to be addressed by reining in the spending.

  3. What happened to the deflation that Murphy has been promising for years?

    I’ve a whole backlog of consumer goods purchases on hold waiting for it.

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