Skimpy evidence…..

She added: “The deceased never signed the 2019 will. The 2019 will was completed in the claimant’s handwriting and allegedly witnessed by two friends of the claimant who were not known to the deceased.”

8 thoughts on “Skimpy evidence…..”

  1. Either it was witnessed or it wasn’t. OK it’s possible to fake signatures but you would also have to fake addresses for the witnesses, which is surely capable of being checked

  2. And if the deceased didn’t sign it, then there is no will. I didn’t read the story carefully enough when I made my first comment but the principle stands

  3. Exactly Diogenes

    Having been through this it seems that

    Own hand + signature
    Other hand/typed + signature + witnesses

    Are the valid criteria.

    Otherwise no will and next of kin/ creditors/HMRC get the proceeds. HMRC has first dibs.

  4. “Ex-head girl” with stupid earrings, nose and lip piercings. Thick with money is my guess. And that means she’s now thick without money and saw a route to get some.

  5. And both witnesses have to be present when the testator signs.

    Bloke I knew got two witnesses who can’t stand each other to sign, at two different times.

    Probate Registry called them in for interviews. Will was deemed null and void, so despite making a will, he died intestate.

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