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So, err, what is being said here?

A former justice minister has been branded “disgraceful” after he claimed that the conviction of Tory MP Imran Ahmad Khan for sexually assaulting a teenage boy was “nothing short of an international scandal”.

Crispin Blunt told The Telegraph that he thought the decision by the jury was unjust and that the case relied on “lazy tropes about LGBT+ people that we might have thought we had put behind us decades ago”.

Teh Gayers expressions of sexuality are not as those of other men, up to and including rape? Statutory rape? Fiddling with a cute young ‘un?

Or there’s dreadful bias by assuming that a Teh Gayer would fiddle with a twink?

It’s obviously possible that the contention is that this was a railroading. But why would that involve stereotypes?

What is it that Blunt is actually alleging here?

13 thoughts on “So, err, what is being said here?”

  1. Khan was a pious RoPer so can’t be bad. Apart from having the gay gene, drinking alcohol and taking drugs. Definitely no chance he was a kiddie fiddler as well.

  2. “Crispin Jeremy Rupert Blunt”: a double whammy – I’ve never met either a Crispin or a Rupert.

  3. “What is it that Blunt is actually alleging here?”

    The fact that the Telegraph does not report exactly what he is alleging, tells you what you need to know. Bear in mind that this was a one-person’s-word-against-another-14-years-ago case.

  4. @Spiro: so does Blunt (surely rhyming slang) make a habit of railing against historical abuse cases then..?

    Because I can’t seem to find any evidence of that.

  5. Given that the perp has multiple Get Out of Jail Cards (RoPper, Peedo, Rs-bandit, MP) the evidence must have been pretty convincing, but for the life of me I can’t understand how it could have been that convincing so many years later.

    Perhaps being an Eeeevil Torree trumps the other cards.

  6. Does the victim get anonymity in such cases? Would be interesting to see some follow-up interviews in the press.

  7. I do wonder how they convict “beyond reasonable doubt” in such historical cases where the were no witnesses and no forensics – surely in a case of “who do you believe” there would be plenty of reasonable doubt? Pretty sure my mate “John” laid unwanted hands on some girls in various student nightclubs in the 1990s where everyone was shitfaced – in those days a shrug and a walk away (potentially even a “get lost”) was deemed more appropriate than dropping into the rozzers desk the next morning to file charges. But maybe “John” will get the doorstop visit in a few years and be dragged to court to face “Michelle”, who he’s fucked if he can remember from 35 years ago.

  8. All he’s saying is that his mate couldn’t possibly have done it therefore the court must have been biased. The “Is it because I’s black?” equivalent.

  9. A few years ago, the (gay) landlord of my local pub was sent down for kiddie fiddling. I thought that the case sounded a bit unlikely and that his defence was plausible.

    Anyway upon his release he tried to do it again and went to prison for another 5 years.


  10. ‘What is it that Blunt is actually alleging here?’

    Dunno, but let’s have a look at his laptop.

  11. It’s not so much he’s claiming his friend is innocent, but that he referred to it as a minor offence, as in not worth bothering with either way. He wasn’t referring to the fact that it was sexual assault of a minor, though I half expected he’d claim he was misunderstood at some point
    Not surprisingly some of his local party took objection to him considering sexual assault of an underage person to be a trivial charge

  12. “JuliaM April 12, 2022 at 7:34 am @Spiro: so does Blunt (surely rhyming slang) make a habit of railing against historical abuse cases then..? Because I can’t seem to find any evidence of that.”

    More perhaps that he is angrier at perceived injustices that affect his friends than those that affect strangers. In that he is exactly the same as every one of us. One doesn’t have to protest at every injustice.

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